I’m in great need of new business cards… With the right email & website addresses… And the new branding of Nea too! But, I have like 1000+ cards left from my old ones and it breaks my heart to not use them… They can’t even be recycled because of the matte laminate finish, so double breaks my heart! If anyone has suggestions on how I could repurpose, I’d love the input!

Anyway, a few weeks back I found this fabulous letterpress shop called Vince Letterpress (Australia) with simple clean gorgeous products, I had to share! Gotta love the textures!

Oh how I wish my next cards would be made from them with my design! I would look stylin’ as hell! lol :)


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  1. Hi!

    I would draw on it (if that’s possible) OR I would make some stickers to use on the card, really, that can be very nice if you make some stickers that match with your old cards but make it look special :)

    keep up the bloggin’world :)
    nice blog!

    ( a graphic designer from Belgium)

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