Eco Straw World

I’m a straw girl. Yes I know, straws are so bad for the environment — 15 minutes use and then pops into the junk for years and years. I just get cold sores so easily with cans and all!

But I finally found THE solution for the rest of my life: Straws by Carli.

Handmade glass straws, from out of locally bought borosilicate glass (that’s the same glass as the known Pyrex), and hear it people: Garanteed for LIFE! With normal use, of course. Yep, that means: broke one? You get a replacement!

I think I’m going to buy some right now, and then make me a little linen pouch to carry one around when I get outside and order a soft drink for lunch!



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6 responses to “Eco Straw World

  1. these are awesome. i’m definitely getting some (that is if/when she relists the bended straw.) thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie! I beat you to the punch! haha I’m the one who bought them ;)
    But they are relisted now! :)

  3. i figured you were the culprit. I just ordered mine. I’m thinking I may want more once they arrive. :)

  4. suuuuper cool. what about a hard case for carrying them around? i guess i just fear i’d break the beauties all too soon. yay for replacements.

  5. Wow, these are very cool. Thanks for sharing… I wonder if she’ll eventually make any that are big enough for bubble tea!?

  6. mchen: Yum Bubble tea!! You should ask her for a custom ;)

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