Don’t you just feel something when you see this kind of photography?

Muted subjects and colors, that is The Chesshire Smile‘s forte. Every single shot gives a very strong yet soft emotion, I just love them all!!

Also check out her Flickr account for more visual candy!



Filed under Handmade, Photography

4 responses to “Muted

  1. Muted colors are underrated. The subtle things are so beautiful and enigmatic!

  2. OOoh yes, these colours are gorgeous, so calming just to look at!


  3. Yes! I feel very very happy plus very inspired. I’d like to experiment more with my camera even if it’s only a compact, so it’s nice to get a bit of a challenge.
    Hope you’re having a great Sunday and that your shops go well =)

  4. love them! how do you describe that fuzzy romantic feeling they stir up? i guess it would be described as fuzzy and romantic… ok.

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