Reason Sales

Everything Happens For A Reason print, by theloveshop.

I’m not a big fan of having sales, having some alllll the time, I mean. I think a sale should be special and sort of like a rare event, so that it actually works! On the go sales rarely work well, especially if they don’t have a reason behind them! In my experience, anyway…

Last year I had my 2yr Etsyversary sale, and it was fabulous!! Stay tuned for the 3rd year one I’m gonna have in August 2009! ;)

With that said, many of my lovely Etsy friends are having a sale these days (with a reason behind it, of course), and I thought you’d love to hear about them!!

Carry on now!


Shop: Tanis Alexis

Reason: Baby growing in tummy! (YAY! Congrats Tanis!!)

Deal: Free shipping and up to 50% off the entire shop, for the entire summer.


Shop: eNVe Designs

Reason: Brand new baby (3 weeks old) and the family is moving half way around the country!

Deal: 10% off purchases under $50. 20% off purchases over $50. Free shipping and a surprise item for orders $100+ (total after discount).**

** Deal starts officially in a couple of weeks, but with the code “creativadoration” in the Note to Seller at checkout, you can start saving NOW!


Shop: .tomate d’epingles.

Reason: Celebration of being in the Canadian magazine LOULOU (June french edition).

Deal: 25% off everything in the shop in June with the code “LOULOU” in the Note to Seller at checkout.


Shop: Elpy (aka LPdesigns until June 20 )

Reason: Moving the old shop to a new shop!

Deal: 15% off everything in the Elpy shop from June 20 to 27 (will be already marked down). Also, an extra goodie or two to the first customer!


Shop: June Shin

Reason: 35th birthday!

Deal: 35% off everything in the shop from June 18 to 21 (already marked down). Also, free shipping all month!



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3 responses to “Reason Sales

  1. studioroseflash

    wow, lot’s of babies lately! Congrats to Tanis and to envy!

  2. hooray to the babies, the fun idea sales and the shopping this summertime! thanks for the mention sweets – I need many excuses to shop now! lol!


  3. Iva

    aw, that print is gorgeous! love it :)

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