Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine original collage, by getfreefly.

Two wonderfully fabulous shops that I discovered in the past week have to be mentionned here!

Representing “Rain” is Uruguay designer label TLDG Rainwear (“Todos los días grises”).

They make gorgeous raincoats, like the classic but edgy trench, but also the stylish hoodie! They are 100% waterproof and come is popping colors.

Representing “Shine” is Madeline Wood.

She offers a great variety of skirts, tops, pants and dresses with great textures and colors from pleats and buttons in fuchsia up to brown.



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4 responses to “Rain or Shine

  1. red trench coat= hearted!

  2. HI!!! Thanks for featuring us on this great blog! Things are pretty cool around here! See ya!

  3. isn’t that red jacket just so sexy?!



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