Eva Juliet

Montrealer Eva Juliet offers prints with positive messages and beautiful graphics and illustrations. Typography is given lots of importance in them, too!

English versions also available, but obviously, I suggest the French ones! :)

Pretty & soothing!



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6 responses to “Eva Juliet

  1. Wow, j’aime vraiment beaucoup. Je cherchais THE print pour ma cuisine, je crois que j’ai trouvé un (plusieurs!) gagnant :)

  2. Eva

    Encore une fois, merci-merci-MERCI!!!
    Quel honneur! Je rougis! : )

  3. Oh, the prints are beautifull. I’ve been looking for something along these lines for a long time. Thanks for pointing me in this directions. Always a pleasure to find your postings in my inbox :-)

  4. kb

    Eva Juliete’s illustrations are beautiful! I love her hand and her color sense. Her illustrations evoke both peace and joy even before I read the translations!

  5. Oh gosh, I am so getting the bottom one…thanks!

  6. the spoons! love it. what is it with spoons?!
    beautiful work…

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