Cork Yoga

I’ve been wanting to try out yoga, apparently, to my friend Emilie’s sayings, I would adore it!

These yoga mats look just wonderful! Made out of cork in NY by Korq, these bad boys are eco-friendly and so stylish! They come with different color linings and matching carry strap (that you can use as part of your routine) at $150 a pop.

Sure, you can get one at $20 anywhere else, but I bet these handmade ones will last a looooot longer, are more comfy and wont destroy your style ;)



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4 responses to “Cork Yoga

  1. Eventhough I don’t have a cork yoga mat, my self, I’m considering buying one next time. One of my instructors has been using a cork mat for the last couple of years. She loves it and sings its praises when she gets questions about her mat! I’ve tried it and must admit I was quite impressed!

  2. Those mats are really cool! I may have to save up to get one for myself. Though I haven’t done yoga in a long time. :(

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