Spiro Mocassins

You are gonna love these, shoes & handmade fans!

Spiro Creations offers great 100% handmade shoes and even boots! Leather, suede, rubber crepe soles, splashing colors, comfy for sure! Between $140 and $180.

Also check the shop for awesome leather scarves and belts!



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9 responses to “Spiro Mocassins

  1. I love the blue ones….confortable… :)

  2. These are amazing and so my style. I want them all. Thanks for the heads up!!!

  3. Ida

    I just ordered the blue ones! Can’t wait to slip them on.

  4. isaac

    yeah, my wife makes those….

  5. Barb

    Thanks for the love…I really appreciate the posting:)

  6. They look so comfy and cozy…. thanks for sharing :)

  7. cute and comfy. two great tastes that taste great together!


  8. These are great, they look so soft and comfy! I’d love to slip my toes into those gray boots…

  9. Fab, can’t decide which one to pick :)

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