OMG I love the mixed-media necklace piecesfrom 3squares!!

My favorite piece is the new Milkshake necklace, a collaboration between 3squares and opendoorstudio! Anyone knows mini Moo cards? And what’s it got to do with a necklace? Well! This necklace acts as a piece of art as well as a card holder!

There are also plenty of other choices featuring metals and fabric, a wonderful texture combo that I ADORE!!!

Go pick yours!!



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7 responses to “3squares

  1. thank you, thank you for this lovely feature! you know i’m crazy about you, your work, your blog, and that was before this! i am forever grateful.

  2. great feature. jean is SOOOOO talented!

  3. Love her work and the way she names them after foods.

  4. Jean has a shop FULL of absolutely gorgeous jewelry. And she’s a super sweet seller too!

  5. This is such a wonderful shout out to Jean, a terrific artist and seller on Etsy. It was like she was able to read my mind. This necklace is AWESOME and anyone with moo cards NEEDS one!

  6. Lovely jewelry! Her shop makes me hungry. ;)

  7. What a great article about Jean’s fabulous jewelry! Her creations always make me hungry :)

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