Men’s Jewelry Survey

Collier Hommes

Bracelet Hommes

Any men in da house? Dudes, where are you!?! :D


If you are a guy, I need your help, and litterally ONE minute of your time! Please! :)

If you DO wear jewelry, click on HERE.

If you do NOT wear jewelry, it’s over HERE!

Thanks so much :D



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7 responses to “Men’s Jewelry Survey

  1. Eh, not a fan of these.

  2. The only jewelry my husband wears is his wedding ring. But with him I’m lucky if I can get him to wear matching socks. ; )

  3. Chaucee: That’s alright! :) I appreciate your honesty!

    Amanda: I hear ya! lol

  4. Way to go Janick! Venturing into the world of Male Jewelry :) Gluck at Puces Pop next weekend!! I won’t be selling but I’ll try to pass by.

  5. Thanks Carla! Testing the waters, at least :)
    Won’t be selling? WHAT? Did you apply???

  6. Too much to do!! Starting a new job on Monday, looking for an apartment, and pretty much freaking out! Next one, I’m there :)

  7. WOW! Good luck for the new job, it’s always stressful but keep it fun :D
    Hopefully I’ll see you at Puces! :)

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