Feel Like Baking Tinies

Oh MY! How cute are these tiny single serving pies? I’m about to faint! lol

As soon as I saw them I instantly wanted to follow the recipe and make some. Which, by the way, never happens to me… I can’t seem to successfully follow a recipe and have it look and taste like it’s supposed to (except my mom’s meatball sauce)! I’m more of a freestyle cook: take ideas from recipes and use what’s in the fridge in my kind of cooking. No wonder I never made a desert in my life (for someone who LOVES deserts, this is weird right?), unless it came in a powder from a box. lol!

Anyway! Maybe it’s their size, but these look like I could perhaps achieve them! Maybe I’ll try… Not sure yet!

Learn more about these tiny cuties over at Our Best Bites!

Via } For Me For You


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9 responses to “Feel Like Baking Tinies

  1. Those are great! Now I want to make them. haha!

  2. lailablogs

    Looks absolutely delicious .. Laila .. http://lailablogs.com/

  3. Oh wow! They look so delicious and cosy!

  4. You cook just like my boyfriend! ;-)

    Not only are theses pretty, they look practical, too! I could see myself bringing them to lunch at my job and making everyone jealous… eheh! ^-^

  5. So yummy looking and so cute. What a sweet idea!

  6. Those are absolutely adorable. I love that they’re baked in tiny mason jars. If I don’t incorporate those into my Thanksgiving plans, I’m going to have to throw a pie party just so we can have them. Actually, that doesn’t sound like half a bad idea…

  7. If you tried these with a premade pie crust dough, these should be a snap to make! I’m a relatively experienced baker and yet I somehow ALWAYS have problems making pie crust. Good luck!

  8. I see these are wildly popular! :)
    Glad you like ’em!!

  9. therelique

    Very cute indeed… I’ve never really tried to bake anything… maybe this is the perfect project!!!! :-)

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