When I pull out something from the garden, I always look at the roots (or what’s left of them). They are really pretty!

Square Root Industries out in Portland realized this too and decided to make great pieces based on the thing, whether it be for wall hangings or to bring dinning room tables into the artistic world! Why should a table be…well, only a table!

Like the idea but prefer playing designer? No problem! They can customize your piece with YOUR design!



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5 responses to “Roots

  1. I would love those for my walls! Organic and modern at the same time…

  2. I do the same thing!! it’s really beautiful!

  3. I’m working on this concept ! Put in that case, it’s a really good creative approach. I love it.

  4. shary hyman

    i have a square root industries table in my living is an incredible piece of original art.

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