Yum for your Tum

It’s been cold in Montreal for a few weeks now already (with the exception of last weekend!). In winter, we get it harsh and sometimes it’s so cold it pinches the face.

But the best moments are when you come running inside from your bus stop and feel the heat unfreezing you, such a relief!

In those moments, what’s best is a warm blanket and some hot cocoa.

For that, you should check out TetonCocoaCompany. All those yummy flavors will make you drool! :)



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4 responses to “Yum for your Tum

  1. Oooh those look so delicious.

  2. oh it looks so yummy!! really great with the cold weather.. :)

  3. Looks really delicious!!!! I love my hot chocolate with marshmallow on a rainy day.

  4. Oooh yes! Super yum! It’s summer here in oz but I’m clinging on to my hot chai lattes for dear life!! They’re too yummy!


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