Like Confetti

Totally in love with this shop at the moment: KristinaMarie.

Made out of recycled paper, these little garlands (which I would totally use as gift wrapping to replace ribbon!) are like pretty confetti on a string! Just. Love.

Via } Decor8



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11 responses to “Like Confetti

  1. oh these are so fantastic. i would hang them year round… forget about the holidays!

  2. Thank you for having a so nice blog :)

    I’d like to exchange links with you, is it ok?

  3. I LOVE GARLANDS! I’ve been making them out of 1.25″ circles and hanging them around my house. I should send some out with my orders.

    Mary at just did a post on garlands, too – hers look like little flags. So cute.

  4. wow they really are gorgeous

  5. You have such a lovely blog– I just discovered it! :) Can’t wait to explore some more… and happy almost weekend!


  6. Cool.. They would look great for my living room!!~~


  7. I love that!!!
    creative and so nice!!!

  8. so so sweet! Love them, and using them as gift wrap is a great idea!

  9. I just found you! Lovely blog! Thank you for featuring my poppy crepe paper banner! : )

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