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I don’t know if it’s the future moving out that’s doing this, but I’m really into prints and decor these days! My Etsy faves are flowing with decor pieces and furniture and prints and art and vintage lovelies!

I’ve never really decorated any apartment I’ve been in since I moved out from my parent’s place, thinking I wouldn’t stay there for a long time, since it wasn’t really nice places or decor worthy… When I move this year, I’m going to remedy that this time, for sure, wherever I end up. I really need a HOME, a sanctuary, a special reassuring place, a cocoon, a whatever you wanna call it, not just a place to live!


Really loving this little Quebec shop I discovered today, Oh My Ampersand. Simple interesting quotes and designs that make me want to get the whole collection!

Oh, and I couldn’t resist buying this little vintage metal apple from SevenBC‘s shop. Too cute, right? It’ll look great in my future new place. ;)


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2 responses to “Oh My &

  1. Creativadoration~ you have excellent taste! I’m so proud of my sister, the amazing talent behind Oh My Ampersand. And I’m not just being biased. If I came across this gorgeous little shop on my own I would want the entire collection too. I love prints and patterns. Fortunately for my artistic family we enjoy giving each other our home-mades for Christmas gifts so my home is a kind of art gallery sanctuary and I love showing off my incredible family collections! I have so many faves- Fallen Overboard, Jack Rabbit, Owl, Vespa, Pirate, the wooden brooches…YAY OMA!!

  2. YAY! :) Your sister is very talented :D

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