Yes, yes, I am aware I haven’t blogged in a while! :(

I’ve been busy trying to figure stuff out in my head, creating new items, but also looking for a condo for little Kobe and myself to move in the next few months, and also supply existing stockists after the holidays, and find new shops to be stockists! :)

So, with that new home search comes the “favoriting” of tons of deco stuff! Of course I won’t be buy everything, but these items really inspire me to find I place I will love and cherish! I’m aiming for sleek modern (on condo) meets rustic vintage (on decor… eventually anyway!), or something like that.

Have a peek, click on photos for more info on each item! ;)


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7 responses to “DECOndo

  1. my goodness… it’s like you went through and picked out all my etsy favorites. love this collection!


  2. You’ll find your perfect nest. See it in your mind’s eye, and it’ll materialize. It happened for me: just have faith!

  3. I love the plant house! And the birch tree branch art!

  4. Great finds! I love the branches in the wood frame.

  5. wow! these are great. I especially like the lamp :-)

  6. Wow. Those really inspire me to spice up my home. Thanks for this!

  7. hi! Thanks for including our little blue jar! Love your intention to find “modern meets rustic.” Great idea.

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