{ Handmade Shoe Lusts }

Two new handmade shoes finds that make you wanna forget the budget and just splurge forever! Not that they are expensive, just, you know, if you want them all, then a dozen pairs adds up…! hehe


– Made in TO dot! (aka Toronto)
– Ballerinas, mary janes, beachy
– Women, men & child
– Linen, hemp, canvas, cotton
– Between $35 and $55 USD

TUTO (below)

– Welcome to Miami!
– Sandals, wedges, thongs
– Women
– Leather, canvas, jute
– Between $20 and $50 USD


Filed under Fashion - Accessories, Handmade

4 responses to “{ Handmade Shoe Lusts }

  1. oh those are so great. how i wish i had the chance to wear sandals sometime before july. i shake my fist at these midwest winters!

  2. I’m in LOVE! La la la la LOVE!

  3. I too have an obsession with handmade shoes and have been lovin The Generation from afar already…thanks for bringing Tuto to my attention too! Love it!

  4. ruth ralsun

    i love your work.can you plz tale me how coan i join you?

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