Bag. Need.

“Gray teal stripes” basic tote, by DrikaB. Purchased in December 2008.

Huge leafy tote, by TheSeaWithin. Purchased in January 2008.


I need a new handmade bag! You can see (above) the two last bags I’ve purchased. Sure, I pay more for a handmade one, but no woman can say that 2 bags in more than 2 years is a lot of purchasing! I’ve used them constantly, and I adore them still! If I’m out that door, either one of them is on that shoulder of mine!

But I think I’m in need of a more “classic” one: a little simpler in color and richer in texture (rather than a fabulous print), so it can look good with some more put together outfits as well!

Here’s the ones (below) I’ve narrowed it down to, some I’m not even sure I can afford, but I like the dream… lol!

Let me know what you think!!! :D

“Auvenier XL” bag in burlap, by IraGrantEco. $85 USD.

“Agatha” bag in leather, by A Rebyc Design. $144 USD.

“Layered pleat sling”, by YorktownRoad. $120 USD.

“Quilted clutch” in brown leather with chain strap, by HomemadeBags. $80 USD.

“Poetry” bag, by BayanHippo. $44 USD.

“Sassy” denim tote with leather, by Kinies. $59 USD.



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5 responses to “Bag. Need.

  1. Love love love the purple leather one!

  2. ooOOooo. that burlap bag is nice and simple. unique, too. it could be spiced up whenever you like with a few pins, right?

  3. ça marche je crois. ;)

  4. WHP

    Oh, I love the black and white oversize bag! I could almost fit my two dogs in there….. xo, WHP.

  5. I’d probably go for the Auvenier XL, looks gorgeous and seems like the most versatile one. Although there’s something really charming about the Layered pleat sling too, hmm…

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