Paule T.B.

Today I’m totally pimping my crowd: meet my super-talented friend Paule!

She is an illustrator I got to know a few months ago and she is just full of passion for her work (and very friendly too, of course!). She likes to play with different papers too, so your favorite print will totally be of quality!

She loooooves animals and started this concept series with dogs (and soon, cats too!) and their owners, so adorable! She DOES accept custom work, so contact her if you’d like a quote to have your own “you + man’s best friend(s)”!

We even had a little photoshoot in my new living room (yep, that grey wall where you can see her holding her awesome prints, that’s MY wall and I’m behind the camera taking the pics! lol) It really was a pleasure!

Now hop on over to the shop ;)


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4 responses to “Paule T.B.

  1. These are fantastic.
    Such talent

  2. that girl with the pup is just too sweet for words!

  3. I’m glad you both love her work!! :)

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