Not a Paper Cup

Been obsessed with these in my head since I saw the on Etsy last week! HOW. COOL. !!!

The porcelain coffee cups (with silicon lids) are made by a Russian born woman named Yevgenia who now lives in Brooklyn. She can make custom designs too, so you can feel free to add a date or a name or just a custom design with your favorite flower kind on it!

Sure, I work from home, so why would I need one of these right? Well, I do make myself one (sometimes two, but it’s rare) coffee a day, but I make it a big one! So it often gets chilly before I can finish it, and let’s face it, unless you are making iced coffee on purpose, cold coffee is just yucky!

So now, go SHOP!, and also take some time to see her really nice mixed-media art on her personal website!



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5 responses to “Not a Paper Cup

  1. Wow these coffee cups are awesome. I really like the designs- quite homely. I drink a lot of coffee at the office, and would much prefer to drink out of a porcelain cup like this and not a styrofome one!

  2. Cool! Talk about going green. These would be the perfect stocking stuffer for any coffee-lover. I try to reuse my disposable cups as much as I can, but after a few days, even with a little rinse, it starts seeming gross. These would also be great conversation pieces. I hope I start seeing them for sale in coffee shops, but until then, I may have to just order one for myself.

  3. Oh dear. Now I need to have these too. And my wish list is extremely long already. What a great concept. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dark knight

    I thought the dogs were going to jump in the fight, those cats were in the zone man 5 stars

  5. Jerrod Hallee

    A cute design actually But one thing that troubled me, the double News’ menu.. I think one is enough But overall, I LIKE IT!!! Good job friends!!!

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