I just *adore* swingssss! They are so funnnnn and freeeeee!

I was telling this to someone a few days ago, every time I walk by a park I feel like going for a swing! But I rarely do, only if at night. It’s a secwet! (Not so much anymore, I am aware of that!)

SO, if I had more space in here, and higher ceilings, I’d totally have a swing in my condo. Would just LOVE it! Too much of a good thing would be well, awesome.

For those lucky few who have this possibility, check these out (below) from ReidcraftShop! Carved & everything, classy stuff!



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3 responses to “Swingsssss!

  1. That swing is the top photo is awesome. Totally fits into the room and it’s so unexpected.

    I was camping last month and hit the swings at the park with my 5-year old nephew. It was fun. And yes, we played the “who can get higher” game. ;)

  2. Weeeeee!!!!
    Who won? hehe

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