Forest Tribute

“Forest Raft 1”, by VanessaSky.

So, I come from the woods. I live in the city. I am good in the city! But some days, I wake up and I just miss the woods so SO much.

I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks about perhaps loosing my tattoo virginity in a nearby future. I’m pretty much decided, but still a little scared to be honest! So I’m going with some friends (who are all tattoo non-virgins, like A LOT lol) today to the Art Tattoo Show that’s being held here in Montreal this weekend, to get me that extra information to decide if I want it for sure!

My idea for a first tattoo would be something woodsy, like a few leaves with an acorn and a branch maybe! It’s a very basic idea, but I’d like it to represent where I grew up :) A tribute to the forest, where I breathe better!

With that said, found a few woodsy related items I really adore! Check ’em out! :)

Bent cherry branch earrings, by shlomitofir.

Pine needle gourd, by violetq.

“Seasons” print, by Cathy McMurray.

Mouse pad, by Shim and Sons.

Antler necklace, by Eleanor Lee.

“Acorns”, by shannonpix.

Forest vinyl wall decals, by NouWall.

Branch hairpiece, by CarrieBilbo.

“Woodsmen”, by f2images.

“One Orange House” print, by Not Too Pink.



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3 responses to “Forest Tribute

  1. I love all your finds! Been working on a big tattoo for my husband and am considering one for me too. It is so permanent and way easier to design for someone else than myself!

    I come from the woods, lived in the city (did ok too), and then moved back to the woods. I imagine I will stay because I love it so much. :)


  2. I’ll go the other route: bring pictures and ideas and colors and let him do his design thing! And then we can adjust if needed ;)

    Without a car (or a license) I’ll probably wont go in the woods (to live) in a while…. But eh, a few trips would be really nice lol

  3. lovely woods work. know what u mean about longing for the country! i too grew up in the country and moved to the city {20 years ago!!}. miss the beach!
    good luck with your tatoo~

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