Louche Lab

This one’s for the animal lovers out there!

Altho Louche Lab‘s shop is full of stunning art, I fell in love with the painted porcelain collection she’s offering! Featuring everything from birdies, fishies, zebras and bears, her style is fun, outlined and vibrant! Totally would put even a little more life into a morning coffee! :)



Filed under Decor - Object, Handmade, Pottery & Clay

6 responses to “Louche Lab

  1. charityslamb

    These are beautiful. Great post.

  2. Great collections ! I like me the colors and the animal designs. All fun!

  3. Aren’t they the cutest ever? :)

  4. Love it. What a great blog you have. Just discovered it on Hello Cotton.

  5. Love it!
    It’s really beautiful !

  6. Well done on your site, sir! Thankyou so much for your work!

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