} Furniture Lust

Peacock Hutch, by OhClementine.

First, I would like to send you all my best wishes for the New Year 2011 everyone!!! We all deserve the best, let’s make it happen this year! :D

And second, OMG I have been drooling over so many furniture pieces I happened to see online these days, it’s totally driving me insane!

From industrial looking to vintage refurbished and everything in between, it looks like I have no personal choice of taste, because I just love (and want) everything! Or is it greed? I don’t know, and I don’t even care! lol

Check them out!!

Primitive 64 drawer apothecary cupboard, by redroosterbab.
(smaller ones also available)

Ghost stool, by TallyLocke.

Concrete coffee table on steel frame, by formd.

Packable ply stool, by Mike Hindmarsh.

Curved bay window bench, by Jeremiah Collection.

Denim chair, by ScrapLab.

Small tea table, by TerArutyunov.

Hammock coffee table, by HarBenger2.

Small marble and salvaged metal coffee table, by recyclica.

Leentu lounge chair, by Lunar Lounge Design.


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  1. Happy New Year too!
    I want it all, and that Denim Chair is just irresistible…
    We’ll all be sitting pretty with these chairs.

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