Leah Duncan, again!

I’ve blogged about her before, but I really CANNOT get enough of Leah Duncan‘s work!

A few weeks ago, I was at Buk&Nola, one of my consignment stores, to drop some of my jewelry (FYI, if ever you are in Montreal, DO VISIT this store, even if it’s torture for the wallet!), and noticed that Leah’s Rainfall print was there, my favorite. I do not know HOW, but I managed to leave without buying it (budget people, budget!).

Anyway! This week I was browsing Etsy (as always…) and stumbled upon Leah’s fabulous shop again! This time I noticed the tea towels, which would actually make wonderful wall art! LOVE!!!

This is starting to become an obsession………. lol! And to go with that, I just started following her on Twitter. *groupie* :)


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