{ a Photo a Day a Month }

A while back (like years!) I had started a Flickr group called { a Photo a Day a Month }, in response to the year round photo challenge, but for those of us afraid of that big of a commitment! lol :) Up there are some of the pics I had taken in the past during this challenge!

Well we are more than 2 years after the last time I even attempted this, and I’m wanting to challenge myself a little. Plus, I miss photography!!! So June 2011 it is!

Join the fun, yes? You can tag your photos with “aphotoadayamonth”, too.

And if not, you can still follow the group and see what everyone comes up with!!

Good luck y’all!!!! :)



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2 responses to “{ a Photo a Day a Month }

  1. Sounds fun.. good luck!

  2. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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