} Peg and Awl

Looking at my notepads, I realized one day that most of the info on there was for one time use only. A company number, a CMYK color code, the precise time the bus I had to catch would go by. And after that, the info would just exist, but not be used ever again. I thought there should be another solution that wouldn’t be wasting so much paper, and cut down the visual noise.

A long while back, I had discovered some Ceramic Memo Boards that I thought looked really cool (and useful)!

Recently, I found these little wooden chalkboards from Peg and Awl. Wowsa, instant loooove!! They are sold with a chalk pencil, in a trio ($56 USD), as well as in a single ($22 USD).

Browsing thru that shop again earlier, I realized they are also the ones selling that Tub Caddy I’ve been eying since I moved in my new place more than a year ago!

You’ll also find there other awesome items, such as bookends and cutting boards and spice racks! Sweet!!


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