} A Day – August 18, 2011

I don’t know why, but the morning of August 18, I felt like taking my fun day in picture. And so, I did! Here’s some shots & story!!

Blogging & working & transportation!

I was meeting Marie-Pier of Days of August that day for a chit-chat, who was back home in Montreal this month, as she lives in Australia! We went to her sister’s bakery called Pâtisserie Rhubarbe on Laurier St. East. What a cute little (and yummy) place, I totally adored it!

With a belly full of yummy stuff, and with some rain falling on our heads, we headed nearby to one of my consignment stores, Buk&Nola, so I could drop some more of my jewelry there! I just love this store! Every time I go in I want to buy something new for my home! It’s actual torture not to.

Came back home, exhausted, but happy. And that deserves ordering sushi, right? :P

For a little bit more of pictures of my days, head out here! :)


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