} Pantone Xmas

Altho I truly understand the want to give during this period (and think it’s great!), I don’t really give gifts during the Holidays (nor do I want to receive some), and I’d rather share some great meals and see the people that I care about.

I’m not one to buy a Xmas tree or decorate either…

But these Pantone Xmas tree balls are making me doubt my whole thinking process… Haha! Ok, maybe not the WHOLE thing, but the tree, at the very least! :)

Via } Fubiz



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2 responses to “} Pantone Xmas

  1. Michel Belisle

    Or, for a more practical day-to-day usage, I found coffee mugs with same design at http://www.mercer.com in Little Burgundy

    The thing is, everybody has coffee mugs, and maybe too many (like I do)… but few have trendy coffee mugs LOL

  2. Oh yeah, I love those too!! I have yet to buy one, but they are totally awesome!! :D

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