} Reed + Rader

So, we all remember the early years of the interwebs, where the more a website would move on it’s own, the more we’d be impressed. Right?

I remember my very first website (this is in 1996 or 1997, not quite sure anymore), where Dennis Rodman had it’s own section in my world (he still does, but only in my heart. haha), and where animated .gif banners ruled the world. I had created it all in HTML, one <a href> code at a time, in Word, and then copy-pasted in my free Angelfire website. A 90s masterpiece, I’m telling ya…….. Ok, not. :P

Anyway, those overly animated days are long over (most of the time…), as simplicity makes for the most effective and visually appealing ones, in my opinion. But now, who said animated .gifs needed to be corny and classified as a “low class” of images?

Thankfully, Reed + Rader are there to get things straight! They work mostly with the fashion world, creating beautiful animated .gifs and videos! Sometimes weird, sometimes classy, but one thing is for sure, you can barely stop your eyes from looking at their portfolio! :) LOVE IT ALL!


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