} The Graphic Miss

Image by Mikael Floysand.

Weirdly enough, I’ve been missing graphic design a little these past fest weeks. I say “weirdly” because when I stopped doing it in 2008, I never looked back, and never regretted the decision, not even one second. And I still don’t.

But, there is some precise things I do miss about it, and one of them is layout design. The other thing is typography. I used to do a lot of magazine design, catalog design, brochure design. Printed documents, containing plenty of text to play around with. It was kind of my specialty, I guess, and it was what I loved to do… That is, if you forget about the ridiculous “for yesterday” deadlines, and the always so many constraints, and some (definitely not all) know-it-all-that-don’t-know-anything clients, and yadayadayada, those things that made me not want to do graphic design anymore.

Anyway. I spent some time yesterday looking at the Grafika 2012 results (Quebec province’s annual graphic design competition). And spent some time unwillingly noticing this design desire coming back slowly.

Honestly, I don’t know what to actually DO with it all.

I’m kinda… simmering. Simmering thoughts and ideas. On, perhaps, how to bloom that little need into something I’ll actually enjoy doing. Something that has freedom and joy attached to it, ya know?

Rambling: OFF.
Simmer: ON.


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  1. Anyone will miss graphic designs once they stop creating them. Goodluck with your future designs. I’m sure, they will look great.

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