} Tiny Terrains

With this unusual weather (30 degrees celcius (86F) in Montreal today?) for March, it’s giving me the green itch. I feel like gardening and all, which is obviously too quick of a move.

However, I can always indulge in a little green lust with Tiny Terrains. Lovely glass globes contain cute little worlds of moss, rocks, branches, sand, seashells!

Now, if you are outside of the US, because of some laws, living plants are not shippable… But perhaps you could always order the rest of the piece and add your own moss. Just sayin’. ;)


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  1. So sweet of you to include my creations on your beautiful blog! Without terrariums, I’m not sure I would survive the long winters here:) It has snowed since spring began! Just to let your readers know, I do have some listings that can be shipped international that have preserved moss instead. It will say at the bottom of the listings description whether it ships international. Also, if your readers want to use the coupon code ‘Nature’ they can receive 15% off their entire purchase. Thanks so much Janick!

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