} Avalanche Looms

Handweaving is one of the skills that intrigues me the most. Mainly for the texture it creates, but also just for the sheer patience these artisans have in making their pieces. Geez! I have a table loom and have never actually used it. Hum… *brain activity* lol! Anyway.

Susan of Avalanche Looms definitely has the skills needed to do this right on her antique Norwegian barn loom. Color combos and texture LOVE!

Also, fun fact: the name “Avalanche” comes from the name of the town in Wisconsin where she lives. Population: 24! Yep, twenty four souls. hehe ;)



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2 responses to “} Avalanche Looms

  1. I really love the middle one!

  2. Me too! The colors and patterns are fab!! :D

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