} Crafty Chicks, Part 2



My favorite blog post that I have ever written was Crafty Chicks: The Story. Probably because it was personal, and talked about ladies I love and admire so much: Noémie, Mélanie, Tamara and Paule.

And it is probably of the most read post I’ve ever written in the past 6.5 years.

To recap, on a regular weekday, we went, all 5 friends, to breakfast. After that, while walking around, I realized I was having such an everyday life wonderful time with such diverse great women. And so I decided to stop them all on the sidewalk, and took a spur of the moment shot of, well, all our feet.

9 months later, on a mushy emotional day, and with that picture as a forefront, I wrote that blog post, dedicating some little blurbs to each of them, while wishing they would still be in my life for years to come.

Last night, we all went for supper at Tamara’s new place. And about 10 minutes before leaving, I remembered that picture, and went to check out when I had taken it exactly? Turns out, it was a week shy of being exactly 2 years ago. How great!! I grabbed my camera, and off we went. When I mentioned the “2 years” fact to the girls, the reaction was “WHAT!? Really!?”

And so in the midst of chitchatting away, making pizza and drinking a glass of wine (but I’ll stick to beer, thanks. lol), we all gathered on the balcony, and I took a new shot of it all, in the same order of appearance from the original photo.

We’ve all changed and grown, but we’re also all the same.

It was a really fun night, no doubt. But I think it was much more than that for me. It was realizing, once more, how important these ladies are to me. How precious it is to be able to talk about anything honestly to any and all of them, knowing there won’t be judgement. And that there will be comfort (a listener, a pep talk, a smile, a tear…) if needed.

I’ve always known this is a rare thing in life. Even more lately, the past few weeks and months, I’ve been really aware of this.

All to say that I’m just SO THANKFUL that life has put us all in the same path at some point.

I hope to be able to take another version of these pictures in another 2 years. :)

Je vous aime tant! :) <3


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