} Video Finds: Handmade Edition 1

I don’t watch many videos. Even on Youtube, I’ll just put a song on and do something else while it plays instead of looking at the moving images.

But sometimes this weekend I don’t know why, but I decided to go explore a little bit on Vimeo. Turns out I found a couple of precious animated jems! And so I decided to show y’all, around the handmade theme, cause well, handmade is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Here we go! :)

Subject: Kid Icarus. Video by: StillMotion. 2min38sec.

Subject: Esquivel. Video by: David Hubert. 1min43sec.

Subject: Trip Print Press. Video by: Brought To You By…. 2min25sec.

Subject: Rafael, suit designer. Video by: Bram Janssen. 3min00sec.

Subject: Sue Paraskeva. Video by: Jamie Isbell. 8min15sec.

Subject: Tim Hendricks. Video by: Think First Media. 1min55sec.

Subject: DL Skateboards. Video by: Cool Hunting. 5min01sec.


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