} Video Finds: Weird is Beautiful

I totally love the movie Punch Drunk Love. First, well, Adam‘s in it. And second, it’s kinda awkward, and weird.

And in that spirit, I’ve found a couple of videos creations that feel just the same way. Sometimes confusing, sometimes just plain uncomfortable, for different reasons and in different ways.

Enjoy! (Or something like that… lol)

Title: Scary Beautiful (Leanie van der Vyver). Video by: Lyall Coburn.

Title: Steve Lambert’s 404 Page. Video by: Steve Lambert.

Title: Locomotive Video by: Departement.

Title: Scream Portraits. Video by: Billy Hunt.

Title: Murmur. Video by: Lyall Coburn.

Title: LOVE THIS. Video by: Alan Aviña.

Title: Carrot vs Ninja. Video by: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

Title: GERIST: Reykjavik Towel. Video by: Kitty Von-Sometime.


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