} Hygge & West

I’ve always liked wallpaper, but never considered it an option, really. Seems like such a hassle (to put on, AND take down). But again, always liked it, so once in a while, I consider it again.

These ones (especially the first picture up there), found over at Hygge & West, are kinda torturing me. They offer a selection of wallpapers from small designers, such as Lisa Congdon and Oh Joy (you probably know her blog, yeah?).

Your turn to try to resist now. (Good luck.) lol

Via } Manhattan Nest



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2 responses to “} Hygge & West

  1. On considère celui avec des triangles… le gris. Bien sur. ;)
    On veux wallpaper le mur des escaliers, quand on va rénover la cuisine.

  2. Ohhhh ça serait hawt ça!! :D

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