} On Going Personal

Clearly, I’m swamped by work these days. Every year, each November/December Holiday season months, it gets harder to blog almost everyday. And when those craft shows kick in (3 this year), I go totally MIA on here. I’ll be back soon, promise!

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing some thinking about this blog while working like a madwoman…

This particular subject of thought actually started in a somewhat recent phone conversation with my awesome friend Paule. More precisely, I’ve been thinking about if I should make this blog a bit more personal (once in a while at least).

To add to that food for thought, I always remembered that when I transferred my Creativadoration blog onto here a year and a half ago to go along with the website remodel, my very savvy marketing adviser Guillaume made it a point that I understand that I should blog about myself (or my work rather) on a (at least) monthly basis. Which has been hard for me, I’ll admit…

Don’t get me wrong, I looove finding great/cool/inspiring/beautiful/useful (mostly) handmade finds and sharing them with anyone who will read. It’s what made me want to blog in the first place almost 7 years ago now. (Wow, time goes by fast, huh?)

But I do also get Paule’s point: blogs that get personal once in a while tend to engage people, and those people are more likely to comment/interact/makecontact/talkaboutit/reblog/retweet. Or just plain CARE.

I tried taking a step back since, by looking at my blog from a greater distance, and the conclusion I get to is this: is it actually really odd that I don’t get more personal with blog posts once in a while. Why odd? Because, well, I already do it on Twitter ALL THE TIME. So why not do it here as well?

I guess I thought something along the lines of “Who cares about how I bought my first dress EVER this summer and actually put it on only once.” And of course, on some level, you don’t really care about the actual fact. Reading that, and the why and the how and the what-color-it-is, will not change your life nor be a groundbreaking moment in it either. Altho I do admit that the possibility of it resonating on some level to even ONE single person is very probable.

Then again, I do do it on Twitter constantly. And a big amount (to me anyway) of people follow me there. And they reply. And the interact. And it’s interesting. And it’s human. And it means something (to me anyway). And it’s real. Yes, virtual can be real.

And so, I will try to, once in a while, ramble, just like in this post, on personal stuff. My life, thoughts, joys, frustrations, and regular everyday stuff such as dress buying (lol). Yeah? What do you think? :)

After all, one of my favorite movie lines is on being personal! From the You’ve Got Mail chick flick: “Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

SO! Soon (most likely in 2013), I’ll give my opinion on the Twitter thing, as I recently celebrated (ok, maybe just more like noticed) 4 years on it. I promise it’ll be more than 140 digits. ;)


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