} A Sparkling New Year!

Well, it’s 2013! Another one bites the dust!

I wish you all a great 2013 one, whatever that means for you! It is, after all, tailored to each and everyone of us, right?

It’s also time, for many of us, for (ongoing, or empty, or not) promises. To ourselves, to the people we love, to our work or business, for mankind.

A couple of years ago, I was at a New Year’s supper at my longtime friend Emilie’s place, and everyone started telling their New Years resolutions. I had never done that before (Why now? Why not all year long when it is required?), but I got caught up in the game of it all, and made 3 resolutions for that year: 1- To not shut up (AKA: stand up for myself as it happens), 2- Accept compliments (Genuinely.), 3- To stop saying sorry when I did nothing wrong (You know those people who say sorry for anything and everything? That’s it.).

Turns out, they were more like long term resolutions, since I am still working on them as of now. And will probably have to remind myself of these my entire lifetime! And that’s fine too, right?! :) Do you have lifetime resolutions yourselves?

With all that said, we all need a little shiny and sparkle (especially in gold) in our lives once in a while. Hence my picks in this post today for ya. Enjoy! :)


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2 responses to “} A Sparkling New Year!

  1. Moi je me dis toujours, ne pas faire de résolutions que je ne saurai pas tenir. Cette année c’est la même chose, je me choisi quelques mentra, et espère avoir la force de les avoir à coeur en décembre prochain! ;) Belle sélection de guidys dorés!

  2. Des mantras (pensés n’importe quand dans l’année), c’est plus sain que des “résolutions”, je trouve! Less pressure I think, but the awareness of it all is still there!

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