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*** Addition information, as of March 18, 2014.
This company has changed it’s name, but has also been a very negative experience for many buyers. I suggest you read more in the comments below.

Found out about these fabulous customizable cutting boards from WoodInk via Vanessa‘s (personnal) Facebook page. How wonderful!

From meat cuts to cutting grids to chevrons and more, at least one of these babies will pierce your heart and you’ll WANT IT NOW. For sure.



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3 responses to “} WoodInk

  1. Alan Carter

    Unfortunately this shop closed down with NO notice and has left hundreds of paid customers empty handed. They stole thousands of dollars from customers and didn’t even communicate with Etsy. They had the nerve to open ANOTHER shop called “Alderhouse Market” selling more products so they can take orders/money and never send out products. I would HIGHLY suggest avoiding this new store and Ashley and Ryan Brimhall – they’re thieves and terrible business owners!

  2. Hey Alan. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! When I ordered one myself as a gift (a year ago), it was a little slow, but it did come in on time, and without much problems. But I can see that this has indeed changed since, and it’s very unfortunate, and sad, and frustrating. It also reflects poorly on handmade goods as a whole (a community I have been part of for over 7 years as an artisan seller, and as a buyer).

    I will not delete this post, but I will add a note on the top of the article, so that people know to lookout.

    Thank you for taking the time to share this information! Word of mouth can only help to protect each other :)

  3. Mercedes

    Unfortunately I have been through the same thing. Ashley and Ryan Brimhall have been € 83, never sent my order and I can not claim payment because they spent the days to claim.
    I hope no one hires anything with them because they’re only unpresentable will take advantage of the good intentions and trust of others.
    I hope that with everyone’s help to get people how are you, that exploit the advantage of buying online, they can continue scamming and robbing anyone else.

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