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Joe Evershot

There is something mysterious and powerful in these prints by Joe Evershot. It’s sort of a place that can contain the words powerful and ethereal at the same time and be in perfect harmony. I feel like I could just stare at them for minutes and minutes and minutes.

Oh, I almost forgot! This is a brand new Etsy shop alert!!! You discovered it here first, yeah ;)


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Patience Paper

Now, here I was thinking I was a patient lady to cross-stitch for hours my Wall Wear pieces on linen, but I might have to take that back.

The lady behind Papercutdiecut (Toronto) probably is one of the most patient people out there. She hand cuts (CRAZY, I KNOW!) everything you see here and her whole entire shop is full of them!

I really think most of them are under priced. These are pieces of art, hours of labor and work, and they should be bought to be framed and priced accordingly. I usually do not feature items that I think are under priced on my blog, however fabulous, it’s against my “handmade religion” or something…

But these are so fantastic I could not wait another second to show them off…

It may sound weird, but this is the best compliment mixed with advice that I could ever give her :)


To anyone under pricing they handmade work out there: OMG, VALUE YOURSELF!

When you under price, you send out this message that your work is cheap, that it’s not worth it.  It’s even worst that over pricing. Do not pay yourself $2 an hour minus fees, that’s just mean to your own self.

Why do I care? Well, it really hurts the entire handmade community as a whole…


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Gimme a little ‘o MChen

You may or may not know, but I go spend some time into the Etsy Virtual Labs quite a few times a week. They have newbie chats and critiques for sellers, as well as workshops and chats with Etsy admins. I like to go in there and help others (I try anyway!) with their shop. It makes me take a break too and I virtually meet tons of great people and great artists!

So anyway, yesterday I went in for the critique session, and I met the super friendly Emily from mchen, a lady from Ottawa, and fell in love with her work and designs! She makes silkscreen tee’s and totes, as well as greeting cards and tags.

What I love too about her shop is her model pictures! With so many different and beautiful people, it kinda hit me that it is very rare to see this much diversity in a single shop. Too bad because I love it!!

After the critique, Emily wrote to me about a giveaway she’s having right now until Nov. 11th! It’s so easy to enter too: just go check out her shop, pick a tee you’d love to call yours and post the link to this Etsy Forum thread. That’s it, you could possibly win!

Imma gonna pick mine now ;)


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Hotelle Motelle

Oh wow, I love love love this new Etsy shop called Hotelle Motelle!

Directly from Vancouver, the designer seems to focus on great tops and dresses. Lots of color, great fabrics, great triangular shapes… Great simple pictures!!

I wish they had my size… *cries* lol

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And Time for Coats too

I mean, W.O.W. !!! Aren’t these coats just fan-tas-tic?

You NEED to check out this fabulous shop called LittleHouses, from Vancouver!

Via } Etsy-Love


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Jessica Doyle

Totally fell in love with Canadian Jessica Doyle‘s work today! Each art piece is like a little world of it’s own with creatures, lines, colors, details, all available in affordable prints!

The only problem is.. choosing!

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Nea’s 2yr Anniversary SALE!

Sale is OVER! Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with me! :)

2yr Anniversary Flyer

YAY! It’s been 2 years since I started selling on Etsy under the name Nea!

For the occasion, I’m having my FIRST EVER SALE!
Everything is either 10% or 15% off!

Plus, item prices already have been marked down! No promos codes, no revised invoices, just pop in and shop!! :P

See you at my Neawear Shop to celebrate! :D


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My Food is Beige

I love beige.

I love food.

I love photography.

Therefore, I love Jennifer Squires‘ (London, Ontario) kitchen photography in beige tints! I love their purity and their simpleness, and that reminds me that food is supposed to be pleasure, not torture, and that it is the best way to gather people together for a nice evening!


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The second you leave

I miss you the second you leave.

Awwwwwwww! Such a cute little idea from Colleen Baran (Vancouver), a totally awesome stamp ring!

Via } Poppytalk

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Material Fusion

Mixing textures and materials in sometimes unexpected ways, that’s part of what I love to do! And I love to see others do it as well.

Therefore, I adore seeing Nesting Emily, from Ontario, work the materials together with aesthetics. Adding felt and yarn to her beautiful simply carved pottery, she gives her pieces a uniqueness that everyone notices.

Want more? Check out her Flickr! (That’s where I found out about her work!!)


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Antlers on your finger

I’ve loved the antler hype since it started, but now it’s getting bigger since I saw these fab rings by Toronto’s Touch the Dutch! I mean like woah!

Whether you like wood or prefer metal, there’s something for you over there! Check it out!


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Solid Portfolio

Canadian (Nova Scotia) duo Jai and Lauren Soloy, aka SleepingForest, create wonderful wood portfolios, albums and books in birch, walnut and elm. Each is unique and special and can be unscrewed to add/remove pages from the inside, therefore, it will last forever!

Treat yourself to impress clients, or surprise someone you really love!

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The Souvenir Shop

Some awesome objects from Canadian online store The Souvenir Shop!

Too. Cool. To. Comment.

Via } Poppytalk

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Skateboard Jewelry

At 2ReVert (“vert” means “green” in French), directly from lovely Nova Scotia in Canada, they take recycling to a whole new level.

Old, used and broken skateboards get a brand new feminine life when this husband/wife team get their hands on them! From rings to bangles (and necklaces and earrings), adorn yourself with lovely pieces made out of these 7 plys of maple wood skateboards.

Another great way to look fabulous and still be eco-friendly!


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WWM : WorldWide Monopoly

You probably heard about the WorldWide Monopoly special edition board game that they want to offer very soon? Well people vote, all over the world, for their favorite cities to be seen instead of the regular ones.

Montreal was first (aka the prestigious Parc spot) almost all along, but yesterday when I checked the city was second. Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto were also on that list I think…

And today, well, the Leaderboard is down to add “suspence”… lol!

I just find this Monopoly thing funny! I’d love to see Montreal up there, so much people love it here, including us, I think.
But let’s face it, there’s so much things much much MUCH more important than that! lol

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