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} Desperately Different

Desperately Different is a brand designed by Katya Revenko in the Toronto area. And the clothing is exactly that: wonderfully different!

Shapes and cuts are unique and stunning. Head turning! :)

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} Just Work

Recently, I found a gem. This shop is called Just Potters, and it is brought by Just Work, a social initiative based in Vancouver, Canada.

In their pottery shop, Just Potters employs people from the area who have barriers to traditional employment, for example homelessness, addiction or physical disabilities.

I am totally in love with the general rustic look of this shop! Reminds me of old vintage pottery pieces you can sometimes find in flea markets!

A great initiative, and great results! :)

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} Fabulous Mel

Oh YEAH! My fabulous friend Mélanie Favreau is Featured Seller (go read the interview!) on Etsy starting today! WOOHOO!!! I’m so proud of her and happy!!

‘Cause she ROCKS and her work ROCKS! I own several of her pieces and adore them!

Sterling silver jewelry, from geometric shapes to mustaches and chevrons, you’ll just fall in love with everything, I’m telling ya! :)

Now, go shop! :D

Je t’aime! <3



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} Liscious

Ok. It’s official. I fall in love everyday.

With something handmade, that is. ;)

Everything in Studio Luscious‘ shop (from Ontario, Canada) makes me weak in the knees. From the awesome awesome branch hooks, to the so cute birdfeeders, to inlayed walnut end tables.

Oh, did I say I love the hooks? I mean, I love the hooks… The hooks are awesome… Ok, ’nuff said! hehe


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} Jack

Today, NDP leader Jack Layton passed away from cancer. I am in choc. Truly.

I have been voting NPD since I can vote. He gave me (and so SO many people) true hope. And now…

I don’t have more words…


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The lovely Janine from Uppercase Gallery asked me to be part of the new exhibition called s-t-i-t-c-h featuring 10 artists (all ladies, I must add) from all over Canada on the theme of, well, you’ve guessed it, needlework (sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting). Of course, I had to say yes!!

For the occasion, I decided to whip up 2 new embroidery pieces (you can have a glimpse below)! I should make some for the shop soon, they got quite a warm welcome on My Flickr when I uploaded them last week!

So if you’re lucky and live in the Calgary, Alberta, area (#204, 100 – 7th Ave SW), hop on over there on the evening of March 5!

More S-t-i-t-c-h

S-t-i-t-c-h Exhibition


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Never Enough Replicca

The Replicca shop is on fiyah! So many wonderful goodies, all of which makes you drool in want and envy.

Rebecca is one of my Quit Your Day Job Storque article buddies, so make sure to read hers here! :)


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