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5yr Anniversary Sale!

If you are seeing this from the website,
please go to from now on! This blog has moved there :)

If you read this from the Creativadoration email subscription,
make sure to go to and register to the email subscription there (top of the right sidebar)!

Thank you SO MUCH for following me around!! :)

Nea is now 5 years old! Well well! WOOHOO! :) Wow, time passes by so fast sometimes!

To celebrate, I am having my annual anniversary 15% OFF SALE in my Etsy Shop! Just use the code “5Bdays” at checkout from August 15th to 21st! :)

I also decided to redo this whole site/blog as a gift to, well, myself!

My now ex-blog Creativadoration had more than 540,000 visits in the past 5.5 years of it’s existence, and that is something I am very proud of! But, I felt it was time for the blog to merge with Nea, so that now everything can be found in one single place!

I really hope you like it! :)

I had much fun designing this new website, my ex-graphic designer past coming in handy! Then the wonderful Paule created some super cute illustrations for me for the header and footer! After the look was done and ready, Valérie took everything and coded it into WordPress, so that what you see right now is exactly what I designed! And let’s not forget that the whole idea of this new merged website/blog was a suggestion from Guillaume and his marketing point of view! Thank you all for working with me on this! :)

Now, go shop 15% off, people! :D


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This blog moved!!!

Hey everyone!!

I have decided to mesh my business website with this blog!

Please go to

from now on, as I will be starting to blog more frequently again! Don’t miss out! There is so much talent out there, it’s in need of being seen! :D

I’m so excited of this change! hehe :)

See you thereeeee!!!!!



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Hey everyone!

Please forgive the future wonkiness of the blog!
I’m updating it into something new! :)

Thanks for understanding, wonderful readers!!


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Never Too Late

Jamais trop tard print, by Eva Juliet.

The end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 were (still are) very hard for me. So much has happened in the past few weeks, I can barely keep count of all the shitty stuff… I find myself unmotivated (and sincerely, with no much will to work on that, yet anyway…), kinda depressed, and lost.

The only good news are that, apparently, a new hard disk just cost $80, and that in times of emotional need, you really can see clearly the friends you have and hold onto that.

On the other hand, I guess I was due for a few fresh starts… One of my friends thinks life usually works in cycles of 7years, so I guess that at 28yo, it’s the perfect time to start a couple of  new chapters.

I’ve grown and changed quite a lot in the past 3.5 years, and I was kinda falling back on my old ways recently. So perhaps this is life’s way to turn me back in the right direction, using many big bangs to make sure I turn around for real.

Thankfully, the handmade community is always there to inspire me and sometimes, distract me (we all need to turn the switch off once in a while, right?), so that’s gonna be very helpful in the long run!

Speaking of handmade, how great is that poster!? I really want it!

“It’s never too late to be who you want to be”.
I guess now is when I’ll get to figure that out.


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Pill Poppin’

The Medicine Chest, by carriembecker.

So the Holiday rush seems kinda over, even tho I have to be productive in the next weeks to bring back the stock to a normal level to supply future orders and also shops!

But it’s good to catch a breath… Or is it?

Well not really… I’ve been pretty much in bed the last few days. Doctor’s verdict? Laryngitis, fever (at least that seems to have ended) and sinus problems. Plus it’s really hard to breathe normally & sleep well with all this. Gosh, really annoying!!!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back on my feet soon!

The good thing is, I can totally prepare blog posts while taking it easy on the couch. hehe ;)


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3yo Blog!

Blue Candles Print, by andreadespot.

Woohoo!! My blog is 3 years old today!!

More than 200,000 visits (now at over 500 visits per day), over 675 posts and more than 1600 comments! How awesome is that!!

Thank you all so much dear readers! It’s been a pleasure knowing that you read me each week and comment and love the finds! :)

And of course, you know it’s not a complete post without a few related finds :) Click away my friends!


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Weekend of Numbers

Hiding from winter

Lovin’ my Spratter & Jayne neckwarmer!!

What a wonderful weekend I just had!! I went skating with my boyfriend at Mount-Royal, and thanks to his steady arm and his 2-3 nights a week of hockey playing experience, I didn’t even fall once (had not skated in something like 15 years before that!). I always prefered Winter to Summer (used to be my favorite season, when I snowboarded), even tho now I like Fall and Spring the most. But this was a really nice Winter moment :)

Anyway, this weekend was also great because: my virtual life hit 2 milestones, too!

First, this blog hit the 200,000 visits mark!! YAY!! The 100,000 mark was in March 08, so let’s just say I’m really proud of that second half in less than a year! Thank you so much everyone!! It’s means a lot that you are all sticking around!

And second, my Neawear Etsy Shop passed the 5000 shop hearts mark! That’s like at the very least 5000 people who taught my whole shop (and not just an item or two) deserved to be bookmarked! How hot is that right?? So, look out for more great handmade stuff I’m working on for 2009, ’cause I’m not stoping anytime soon! :)


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Sick but going uphill!

Jean Barbe & My 1st Homemade Latte

Hello folks!

I know, my Gift Guide is just half-way done right now and then it just stopped… I have this very bad cold, and so now I’m late on work while I try to rest somehow and get my energy level back up again… It’s staring to get better!

But more Gift Guides will follow soon, for him, for her, and more! :)

Bare with me!

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ANTM 11 – Winner – McKey

I haven’t even made one post on America’s Next Top Model in this 11th season,
but here it is for miss McKey, the winner! lol :)

I have to admit that I’m glad she won, even tho my favorite was Marjorie (below), and I still think she should have been at least in the Top 3!

And that Analeigh (below) should have been Top 2!

Let’s just say I was not a fan of Samantha (below) although some of her pics were indeed gorgeous!

As you can see from the 3 last pictures, I loooved this photoshoot shot by Tyra herself!

Anyway, there were lots of wonderful shots again this year, and that’s basically why I watch the show! My favorite part is always the last 15 minutes at judging panel for that reason! lol


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Busy, sick, busy-sick

I’ve been busy first days of the week (with migraines), then sick, now I’m busy-sick! ARG! What a weird week! (My man’s sick as well, with a lot of fever and all… Compared to him, I look like I’m full of life!) :(

Anyway, I think I wont pressure myself into blogging until I get better, unless I have a very big crush on something until then and can’t resist! lol

I’ll leave you with this… I received this week my copy of Famous Québec Magazine (they give it in Famous Players Cinemas): a full page just for me! FULL PAGE! How awesome is that, right?! It’s in French, so if you can’t read it, you still can SEE it!


Full page article & Blueberry Tea


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2 years has come and gone

Tapestry Patch

Woah! I’ve missed mentioning this blog’s 2nd anniversary on the day of! It was Jan. 31st. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter!

In 2 years, the blog has made the switch of names between Blogue Fonetik and Creativadoration. It was basically a long process!

It started totally in French and called Fonetik for my graphic design company. I had no plan for the blog at the time, it was just a fun new thing to try out, so the same name as my company made sense! The posts were more about design at that time.

Then, slowly, the need to write in English came along to share my discoveries with more people. I did an English post here and there, most were bilingual. The blog’s visit count started going up. I was feeling a little like I was leaving out my French readers, the ones who started it all. So I did a survey, one in each language. And what came back was that my French readers would still read me if I wrote mostly in English, and the English speaking people were eager for more posts they could read. Since this is *my* blog, and *I* wanted to write in English (it kinda does come out of me more easily, weirdly enough), I thought I would do what I wanted on my own blog. So I did after that!

By that time, I had an Etsy store with handmade goodies and my handmade lovin’ was totally in the roof! The blog was (still is!) mostly in English but had some posts totally in French were popping once in a while (mostly about local events). The bilingual posts were (still are) almost instinct. I figured that the local talent I wanted to feature was to be seen and read from all my readers all over the world! Their talent was meant to be KNOWN too!!!

Recently, I realized the blog name Fonetik didn’t really make sense anymore. It was like Puma sneakers with a chic outfit (they both are great but not together! lol). So I searched my head for a new name and Creativadoration came along. My adoration for creativity came to mind, and I melted together the words to say exactly what my blog was about. It just was perfect! I thought about migrating the blog over to the corresponding WordPress URL for the new name, but then thought it wasn’t worth loosing all comments on posts and basically would change not much in the end.

With the new name came an INCREDIBLE new number of visits! People responded so well to it, I don’t know where they came from, but it was overwhelming! The content was exactly the same, but apparently the new name talked much more to people! Within a week, visits per week day were over 200! Even if I’m in the graphic design field, I never really thought about the name changing as a way to bring more people over. I should have known better, I learned all this in design school! lol

And now the blog is as you know it all! Mostly in English, sometimes in French. Between 200 and 325 visits per day on week days and over 150 on weekends. Over a total of 80,000 visits in two years (but with 21,000 spam blocked by Askimet (thankfully there’s Askimet!), perhaps that’s less than 60,000 true visits, which is still amazing!). Almost 500 posts. And around 900 comments, but that’s including mine, so I would say more than 500 from you all (lol, I reply a lot!).

I have fun writing this blog. I really do!

Thanks to you all for coming back and commenting and lovin’ it! :)


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Tagged… 2 times!

One day you wake up and realize your blog is going very well! At the very least 150 visits per work day, even days when I don’t blog or blog in French only. Woah, how great is that!! YAY!

And, one week you wake up and realize your blog is going so well that people are tagging you from all angles (lol!). Czina here and Kelly here. So you decide to accept the tags and play along!

And this is what this post is all about! lol

Here are the rules: 1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. 2. Share 7 random and or weird things about yourself. 3. Let each person know that they have been tagged. 4.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. So here goes…

1- I can be lazy. I will take pictures of new jewelry pieces, for example, and not post the items for weeks, just ’cause I don’t feel like it… Eeek! And I’m kinda messy, lazy on the cleaning. Which artist isn’t, right?

2- My hair is so long that I can use it as a scarf if I forget mine at home. Actually, it’s as long as if I take the ends in my hand and completely put my arm straight at 90 degrees angle with no problem. With that fact comes the other truth that I cut my hair once in the last 4 years (and it was only the split ends last summer!). Basically, it’s around 30in long from root to tip! When I cut them at shoulder length 4 years ago, they were as long as right now. I do have Amerindian blood far far away in the family!

3- I read books like I’m on a roller coaster ride. One month I’ll be going to bed early each night just to read more, and the next I wont read a word of an unfinished book. The only ones I rarely do that with are Paul Auster’s books! Unless I have read it 6 times already (like the New York Trilogy).

4- I have obsessions. Always. Some stay around for a while (handmade mugs, chick peas, breakfast photography…) and some just pass by.

5- I’m a spender. If I have money, I’ll probably spend it. What?!? Shoes and accessories are NOT free, people! lol! (At least, I stopped spending money I don’t have around 2 years ago tho, what an accomplishment!!) I started to try keeping shoe purchases at one per season (that was 3 seasons ago)… Hard hard thing to do, let me tell ya!

6- I keep things, just in case. I will eventually give it away, but I need time (years…) to realize I don’t need it anymore.

7- I like surprises, but I don’t. If it’s a kind note or small thoughtful gift: bring it on! If it’s a cardiac arrest type of surprise: I’ll be pissed.

So, now that it’s done, I tag 7 people. Here they are!

Guylaine, from Tomate d’épingles.
Val, at Pot aux roses.
Kim, from At Home with Kim Vallée.
Julie, at PerfectBound.
Miss Babel Fish, at Crust Station.
Karin, at Eddy and Edwina.
Maryse, from RockPapierCiseaux.

(If you gals have been tagged before, I’m really sorry! And forget about this one! hehe :)

And I don’t need to let them know I tagged them, I know they follow me because they always kindly comment over here, so they are reading!! Thanks girls :)


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Monday Morning

Now THIS is an authentic *beginning* of snow storm in Montreal! lol

Now, this is the beginning (yes, the beginning) of a real snow storm in Montreal! Welcome! lol

I LOVE SNOW! So, I am a happy-non-owner-of-a-vehicle and happy-freelance-worker-from-home this morning! YAY!

And kids are happy, too, no school! I am happy that this still happens for the kids… Maybe my love of snow starts there…! lol

I want to remind you all, Montrealers, that the LAW let’s you warm your car for 3 MINUTES ONLY! Respect it, pleaseeeee! It’s there for a good reason! :)

Have a nice week! Weeeeeeeeeee!! :)


Ça, c’est ce que j’appelle le début d’une vraie tempête de neige!! Wouhou!

J’adore la neige!!! Alors, en ce lundi matin, de mon statut de non-propriétaire-d’un-véhicule et pigiste-de-la-maison, la joie m’envahit! Génial!!

Et les enfants sont aussi heureux, pas d’école! Je suis contente que ceci arrive toujours aujourd’hui pour eux… Peut-être que mon amour de la neige part de là! haha

Je veux vous rappeler, chers Montréalais, que la LOI vous permet de réchauffer votre auto pendant 3 MINUTES SEULEMENT! Respectez cette loi, je vous en prie!! Elle est là pour une bonne raison! :)

Bonne semaine à tous!! Yéééééééééé!! :)


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Polite Replies

  • When someone emails, I respond. I will probably send the last email out of us both, just to thank you more.
  • When someone sends me an Etsy convo, I respond. My last reply will probably be “Thanks to YOU!”.
  • When I make a sale, I send a thank you email.
  • When I get a comment on a blog post, I respond something back. So, almost 50% of the comments under my blog posts are my own.
  • When I get a comment on a Flickr photo, I say thanks. So, almost 50% of the comments under my photos are my own.
  • When I get off MSN, I say bye first to the people I was chatting with.
  • In almost all those replies, I type at least one ” :) ” and one ” ! ” …

And when other don’t do the same, it sometimes makes me sad, mad, annoyed…

I have been surfing the Web, chatting and having a virtual life for… Hum… Exactly half of my life, 13 years.
It has been part of who I am for a while now.

Am I overly virtually friendly?
Am I virtually annoying?
Am I virtually weird????? lol


Up there is the most recent Apple keyboard… Ahhh, I dream about not cleaning a keyboard ever again! lol!

Bye! :) (<— See, it’s true!!)


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Girls, let’s all melt together… Update!

And I love the illustrations too! :)

*UPDATE! He found her! Awwwwwwww again! lol :)

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