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} Chalkboard Awesome

The way I see it, Dana Tanamachi is a mix between a graphic designer and a typographer, but she is also an artist. Chalk is her weapon of choice, and patience is her asset.

Chalkboard and window display artists used to rule the retail world, and it’s clearly a lost art that Dana excels in! It’s also really great to see her work the process! Also check out some videos, here on Vimeo!

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} Typographic Love

We Need Quiet Time, by Allicoate.

The Challenge, by SGArtDesign.

We Need to Sleep More, by Froschkind.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posters featuring typography and inspiring words these days. Had to share some before I go completely crazy and buy everything! :D

It Takes a Muscle, by fontlove.

Think Positive, by The Ink Society.

Be Present Every Day, by Groundwork.

Live For Today, by BreedingFancy.


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} Dawn Gardner

I’m not usually a fan of collage, but in this case, there’s no way I’m not going to love it!

Graphic designer Dawn Gardner uses collage as her forte, and obviously, it’s totally working! I would actually buy prints of these, wouldn’t you? They would make for wonderful wall art!

Vintage images need love too… :)

Via } Design For Mankind

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} Motivational Eva

And here comes more wallet torture!

The wonderfully nice Eve (aka Eva Juliet) recently launched 3 new prints featuring motivational sentences!

Designed with vintage looking scrolls, design elements and typography, the black and white prints will help you breathe, smile and stay confident!

I really love her whole shop, aesthetics and words of wisdom (and have a few of her prints of my own to prove it!), and I’m sure you will as well! Take a peek! :)

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Honesty & Forwardness

Been thinking a lot recently about honesty and forwardness in my life.

Honesty and forwardness isn’t about being mean, or about not having tact. It’s about expressing feelings and thoughts without playing games with yourself and others. I think I have been much more of those words in the past few months after many changes in my life.

I am far from perfect at it, of course, it’s a skill to be developed with time! But, I’m going forward!

With that, I discovered that a lot of people say they want honesty, but can’t take it when they do… Pretty confusing stuff! lol

I am also hoping that the Unravelling online class I registered for a few weeks back, given by Susannah Conway, will help me explore that more in depth. Can barely wait for it to start! :D


On a funnier note, check out Creativity Cards! They have just a wonderful selection of funny, direct and beautiful card you just wont be able to resist! :)


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At Promopocket, you’ll find digital art prints, from photography to typography and also graphic design! I love the clean look of these posters, super modern and very graphic!

They also offer design services for Etsy sellers, from digital banners to business card design.


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Calendar Your Life

By Carving My Initials.

With 2010 around the corner, it’s now or never to order your calendar to get it in time (or almost…)!

You can see my personal favorite (above) which of course I have purchased for myself today. Isn’t it unique and different and wonderful?!

Here are more suggestions to help you decide on THE perfect one for you!

By Quite Like It.

By Becca Heuer.

By Sunu Creative.

By Kirtland House.

By Candy Spotting.

By Lisa Samartino Atelier.

By Govango. (Printable PDF)

By Gretchen Mist.

By Papered Together.

By Sweet Water.

By Graphic Dirt.

By Curious Doodles.

By JHill Design.

By Cicada Studio.

By Kerned Art.

By Jolly Good Fellow.

By Stephanie Levy.

By Joojoo.

By Just Another Day.

By Moon In June.


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SO happy

A friend of mine had this quote in his MSN status… And I was like WHUT?

When he sent me to see the artwork to go with it, I was totally thrilled! This is gorgeous and the quote is totally enhanced!

By Siergh (was unable to find a website to his work! HELP!)

Via } Vi.sualize


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Eva Juliet

Montrealer Eva Juliet offers prints with positive messages and beautiful graphics and illustrations. Typography is given lots of importance in them, too!

English versions also available, but obviously, I suggest the French ones! :)

Pretty & soothing!


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Pur Bliss

I found these candles a few weeks back, and couldn’t resist looking around shop!

You see, I already have my candle pimp (I’ve been buying tons of them for a while now from ajscountrycottage, love them, addicted!) and I am a very loyal customer to her. But still, having a look is not a crime ;)

But I have to say Pur Bliss‘ packaging is wonderful and very attracting!! Maybe it’s as an ex-graphic designer that I write this, but anyway! Clean, simple, crisp and color coded.

Gotta love the look!

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Toma Objects

I am so glad to blog about this today!!

Thomas Design is a small graphic design firm from here in Montreal. The owner, Anne Thomas, is a really great and nice woman!

They also make a few objects for everyday use like glasses and vases! And they now have an Etsy shop called Toma Objects so you can delight yourself from their goodies!

For more goodies, hop on to the Toma Objects website!

Worth a look… or two! :)

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Make Do & Mend screen print, by Bold And Noble.

Be bold and display these typography stuff proudly around your home! Gotta love shouting without having to shout. :)

Tea letterpress poster, by New North Press.

Hi, by The Love Shop.

By Order of the Management prints, by John W Golden.

Big Breakfast Tea Towel, by MrPS.

Oh, and if you love that cup by Rob Brandt as much as I do, find it on Generate (free ship!!).

Drink Wine on recycled card stock, by Nicodemusgreen.

Hope Plaster Wall Word, by Kuber.

Original ABC Love, by Jennifer Ramos.

Customizable Typography Tee, by EnzymePress.


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New Math

This could SO apply to handmade, too! How many times do crafters hear this? I can’t even start to count. lol!

Go and find tons more of Craig Damrauer‘s halarious New Math!! :)

Via } Design For Mankind


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Little Factory

Lowercases, uppercases and numbers. Scarfs. Yes, they do go together!

Laser-cut out of microfiber suede, these wonderful scarves by Little Factory might not keep you warm persay, but they’ll pump up your style, for sure! They come in white, black and grey at $58 a pop. Perfect for any graphic design or typography lover!

Also loving this envelope tee!


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Calendar Happy 2009!

Hello everyone!!

I’ll take a little time to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you all for being such faithful readers and great commenters! I adore reading all your fab comments on all my posts!

For those who would like to receive Creativadoration directly into their email each day (that is, if I post each day!), you can just come on to the homepage and you’ll find a link saying “Subscribe to Creativadoration by Email” on the top right! :)


And now, what could be more perfect than a handmade 2009 calendar selection! Just click on the pictures to be taken there!

I was actually looking for a wall calendar that I would have space to write small things on, not too big, not too small, but the selection for those that I liked were quite rare. (For next year, get on it, calendar designer peeps! hehe)

I finally bought the printable PDF calendar you can see above, by Bluetricycle! I doubt I’ll be able to write much since it’s 4.25in large, but it was just too cute to pass up! :)

Hope you’ll continue to enjoy my blog in 2009! I promise to keep bringing you a lot of handmade goodness! :)


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