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It’s not a joke.

To counter the fact that I hate April’s Fool day (I go paranoid, and fall in every trap possible… I hate it, I’m telling ya! lol), I decided impulsively this morning to offer a 15% OFF everything in my Etsy Shop for 3 days only!

Shopaholics, GO! :)

Promo code at checkout: itsnotajoke


Love that font in my little flyer as much as I do?
It’s Museo, and get 3 weights of it totally free, right here :)



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Crafty Chicks: The Story

5 very different girls.

I always say that my friendships are the most important thing in my life. Without them, I have no idea in what mental state I would be in, seriously. Admit it, you feel the same about yours ;)

If you follow me on Twitter (if not, click right here), you probably already know who some of them are, especially those which I affectionately call my Crafty Chicks, since I regularly tweet with them.

But let me introduce to you properly my favorite Montreal crafty chicks! How we met, a glimpse of how they are, what they do! :D

We are 5, we are all very different (as you can see in the picture above!), and we are all creative fabulous ladies!

Je vous aime donc tout plein!!!!! -xxxxx- *mushy*


This is Noémie, aka Noemiah.

She is the very first of these ladies that I met. It’s with her that everything started, that my artsy, lonesome at home, world changed. And for that, I will forever be thankful.

Actually, I’m not even sure precisely how it happened, but I think we started messaging each other online business questions on Etsy. And then we started meeting and chatting a little at craft shows. And then, obviously, supply shopping together and coffees and lunches HAD TO happen!

She is one of the most creative and fashion savvy people I know! She’s always browsing the Web to not miss what’s new in fashion, find wonderful vintage clothing items and then let us all know about it! You think you discovered something new? NOPE! She’s soooo ahead of you already and knows all about it! haha! She’s a wonderfully sweet and funny person, as well as a little shy at times, but she’s also always the one to suggest a lunch so we can all see each other again and again and have wonderful times! :D

She makes fabulous feather jewelry, and here are a few of her latest pieces!


This is Mélanie, aka MelanieFavreau.

One day, Noémie purchased something from Mélanie on Etsy, and since they live like almost steps from each other, they decided to exchange the goodies in person, at their mutual post office. They kept bumping into each other there after that when shipping their sales, and it started a friendship. Noémie then organized a little something, and that’s how I met Mel too!

She is a very caring person, and always has a pep-talk ready for anyone close to her who needs it. She can at one moment tell-it-like-it-is, and then the next moment go completely soft and space out when she sees a kitty (no wonder she has 5!). She’s not one to follow trends: she does as she pleases, and you either like it or you don’t, and that’s just how it is. How refreshing, right? :)

She also creates from scratch awesome sterling silver jewelry, that she models herself in her photos. I’m still impressed, I don’t have that courage! lol

Here are a few:


This is Tamara, aka ThisIlk.

As Montrealers and fans of handmade, we all like to know what other locals are making, and selling on Etsy, and that is how everyone started noticing Tamara. How could someone not want to meet a cool chick like her, right!? After seeing her work in mutual consignment shops and at craft shows, Tamara naturally joined the group! The first time I really got to know more about her, we were vendor neighbors at the Souk@Sat 2009 craft show for a whole 4 days. It was truly a great show, enhanced by her presence! :)

She is one of the nicest people ever! She will talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, with a bigggg smile. She always has a kind word or compliment for her friends, and their work. She is well-traveled, passionate about vintage eras, inspired by everything and anything, and super driven: everything life brings is another reason to push forward and improve. She’s definitely a free spirit!

Her jewelry line is adorned by vintage lace, which she totally makes her own!

Here are some pieces in which she unleashes her creativity:


This is Paule, aka Paule T. B.

On a very brrrr cold winter night last year, Noémie, Mélanie, Tamara and I decided to check out the opening night of an art exhibit at (R.I.P.) Headquarters Boutique. It was a showcase of the super talented Paule. As Mel and I were browsing the gallery, Noémie and Tamara started chatting with Paule about a painting of a girl that, weirdly enough, looked a whole lot like Tamara! The two girls quickly arranged to do collaborations with Paule for their own work. Since they obviously found her super cool, Mel & I quickly got to meet her too in the Spring. We all meshed so good and easily with her, it was a no-brainer to invite her to every meet we had from that point on!

She is truly a hilarious girl: never you will have a dull moment in her company! Oh my, the intense laughs we’ve all had when her quirky humor just bursts out! She is a sensitive person, and she has a whole lot of compassion and understanding for the people she cares about. She can also offer up much needed advice and opinions when she’s asked to (and that is how I learned that when I straighten my hair too much, I look too harsh and it doesn’t match my personality. lol!).

She draws fabulous pieces of art that everyone wants, and so will you:


This is me, Janick, aka Nea.

I am like this and like that.

And I make this and that.

And my life is truly better since I met these wonderful women.


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Aiguille et Fil


Can’t get enough of geometrics, and vintage color mixes!

Get your fix with Aiguille et Fil (which means “needle and thread” in French), held by the super talented Liz.

Tunics, tops, dresses, pants! Wonderful shapes and details that can also be done custom sized! There’s just no reason not to love :D


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The Word Tickette

At Tickette, words (and definitions) are crucial!

Made out of metal, words like Necklace and Earrings are actually used to make necklaces and earrings. Sometimes going back to the basics make for the most awesome wearable statement pieces!


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Recipe in a Print

Lucile’s Kitchen is a little shop owned by, well, Lucile from Paris! She is an illustrator, and we could also say she has a passion for food and cooking and baking!

She draws and paints fabulous visual recipes, and sells examples in print for all to enjoy! How perfect for any kitchen, right?

And if recipes are not your thing (aka you prefer to just eat lol), there are some non-recipe prints as well, like the one on “macarons”. But CAUTION! May cause addictions! :D

À la cuisine!!!


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Nate Duval

I am loving Nate Duval‘s style!

Bold colors, powerful yet naive images, humor, type and filigrees!

There’s tons of fab handprinted prints to choose from! Loving his houses/cities series as well!!


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Baby Light my Fire

Driftwood and Hardback Book lamps, both by typewriterboneyard.

Maybe it’s because we are in dying need of natural light that we want to compensate with awesome lighting? But I’ve been seeing a lot of awesome lights and lampshades lately online! Here’s a selection of coolness!!

And yes, The Doors are playing as I write this! ;)

Clouded silver tessellation, by MTHarvey.

Dress Down lampshade, by nellianna.

The Menlo Park dual lamp, by TheDapperLlama.

Chinese Take Out light, by ideaka.

Japanese Motorcycle lamp, by betsyryland.

Fauna light in white, by tesselight.

Vintage cage light, sold by shop13.

Mule deer lamp, by Antlerstuff.

Damask lamp, by FiligreeCreations.

Vintage canning jars chandelier, by LampGoods.

Van Gogh lamp, by jalexstudios.

Flair lampshade, by kattybarac.


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Leah Duncan, again!

I’ve blogged about her before, but I really CANNOT get enough of Leah Duncan‘s work!

A few weeks ago, I was at Buk&Nola, one of my consignment stores, to drop some of my jewelry (FYI, if ever you are in Montreal, DO VISIT this store, even if it’s torture for the wallet!), and noticed that Leah’s Rainfall print was there, my favorite. I do not know HOW, but I managed to leave without buying it (budget people, budget!).

Anyway! This week I was browsing Etsy (as always…) and stumbled upon Leah’s fabulous shop again! This time I noticed the tea towels, which would actually make wonderful wall art! LOVE!!!

This is starting to become an obsession………. lol! And to go with that, I just started following her on Twitter. *groupie* :)

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See the Umbu Light

Who knew recycling sewing patterns and maps and magazines could end up being some awesomely soft ambient and pretty lamps?

Well, Umbu knew, I guess! They look stunninggggg!!!!

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Janelle Lile

Janelle Lile has two very distinct styles, watercolors and digital collages. But in so many ways, they go also so well together!

Transparency is of the essence, sometimes nature oriented, sometimes very industrial looking. Color combos are flawless!



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Leili Design makes some of the most fabulous and organic-looking pottery I’ve seen in a while!

Dots, lines, freeform, neutral colors. Yum!


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This Is Not A Square

SquareD Furniture are, well, genius. (Can one say that?)

First, how cool of a shop name is “This Is Not A Square”?! :O

And second,they have wonderful furniture pieces I’m really craving for! Clean lines. Wood. Aluminum. Perfect combo!!


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Motivational Eva

And here comes more wallet torture!

The wonderfully nice Eve (aka Eva Juliet) recently launched 3 new prints featuring motivational sentences!

Designed with vintage looking scrolls, design elements and typography, the black and white prints will help you breathe, smile and stay confident!

I really love her whole shop, aesthetics and words of wisdom (and have a few of her prints of my own to prove it!), and I’m sure you will as well! Take a peek! :)

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Sabrina Tibourtine

Sabrina Tibourtine‘s brand new little Etsy shop is just a wonderful discovery full of little gems!

She creates collages that she then prints on beautifully textured watercolor paper! Vintage ambiance, pops of colors here and there, nature as a predominant theme: no other choice but to fall in love with it all!!! :D

You can also find collages for every astrological sign, super cute!

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Geometric Jessalin

The geometric trend is not a trend anymore. It’s a MANIA! Can’t help but loving it, in fact!

Jessalin Beutler totally took charge of this fact, and offer great hand-painted clothing sporting triangles, lines and rectangles, as well as flashy color combos, for our viewing (and wearing) pleasure! I want like 10 different things! :D

Is it me or do these look especially hot on the dudes? (Totally a single chick comment, I know. lol)

Check it out, yo!

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