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Baby Light my Fire

Driftwood and Hardback Book lamps, both by typewriterboneyard.

Maybe it’s because we are in dying need of natural light that we want to compensate with awesome lighting? But I’ve been seeing a lot of awesome lights and lampshades lately online! Here’s a selection of coolness!!

And yes, The Doors are playing as I write this! ;)

Clouded silver tessellation, by MTHarvey.

Dress Down lampshade, by nellianna.

The Menlo Park dual lamp, by TheDapperLlama.

Chinese Take Out light, by ideaka.

Japanese Motorcycle lamp, by betsyryland.

Fauna light in white, by tesselight.

Vintage cage light, sold by shop13.

Mule deer lamp, by Antlerstuff.

Damask lamp, by FiligreeCreations.

Vintage canning jars chandelier, by LampGoods.

Van Gogh lamp, by jalexstudios.

Flair lampshade, by kattybarac.



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Leah Duncan, again!

I’ve blogged about her before, but I really CANNOT get enough of Leah Duncan‘s work!

A few weeks ago, I was at Buk&Nola, one of my consignment stores, to drop some of my jewelry (FYI, if ever you are in Montreal, DO VISIT this store, even if it’s torture for the wallet!), and noticed that Leah’s Rainfall print was there, my favorite. I do not know HOW, but I managed to leave without buying it (budget people, budget!).

Anyway! This week I was browsing Etsy (as always…) and stumbled upon Leah’s fabulous shop again! This time I noticed the tea towels, which would actually make wonderful wall art! LOVE!!!

This is starting to become an obsession………. lol! And to go with that, I just started following her on Twitter. *groupie* :)

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See the Umbu Light

Who knew recycling sewing patterns and maps and magazines could end up being some awesomely soft ambient and pretty lamps?

Well, Umbu knew, I guess! They look stunninggggg!!!!

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Leili Design makes some of the most fabulous and organic-looking pottery I’ve seen in a while!

Dots, lines, freeform, neutral colors. Yum!


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This Is Not A Square

SquareD Furniture are, well, genius. (Can one say that?)

First, how cool of a shop name is “This Is Not A Square”?! :O

And second,they have wonderful furniture pieces I’m really craving for! Clean lines. Wood. Aluminum. Perfect combo!!


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Ceramik Break

Usually, ceramics are to be used gentily, orlooked at.

But at Studio Kahn (in Jerusalem), ceramic is to bemanipulated and broken before use. Yep! Don’t think you can use these pieceswithout breaking them first! Snap that necklace before you wear. Snap that salt and pepper shaker into two pieces so you can then actually use them!

How different and interactive and funnnnnnn! :D

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Furniture Lust

Peacock Hutch, by OhClementine.

First, I would like to send you all my best wishes for the New Year 2011 everyone!!! We all deserve the best, let’s make it happen this year! :D

And second, OMG I have been drooling over so many furniture pieces I happened to see online these days, it’s totally driving me insane!

From industrial looking to vintage refurbished and everything in between, it looks like I have no personal choice of taste, because I just love (and want) everything! Or is it greed? I don’t know, and I don’t even care! lol

Check them out!!

Primitive 64 drawer apothecary cupboard, by redroosterbab.
(smaller ones also available)

Ghost stool, by TallyLocke.

Concrete coffee table on steel frame, by formd.

Packable ply stool, by Mike Hindmarsh.

Curved bay window bench, by Jeremiah Collection.

Denim chair, by ScrapLab.

Small tea table, by TerArutyunov.

Hammock coffee table, by HarBenger2.

Small marble and salvaged metal coffee table, by recyclica.

Leentu lounge chair, by Lunar Lounge Design.

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Fact & Fancy, Brooklyn, NY

At Fact&Fancy, Brooklyn

At Fact&Fancy, Brooklyn

Love ’em? :) You can get them at Fact & Fancy in Brooklyn, NY!

My first consignment pieces outside of Montreal! YAY! Can’t wait to see how that goes!!


75B Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Mapquest)
Friday 12-8, Saturday 12-8, Sunday 12-7


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