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} PucesPop Automne/Fall 2014


It’s time for the Fall edition of Puces Pop again!! YAY!
I’ll be there with all my inventory, plus some new jewelry pieces as well!

St-Denis Church (5075, Rivard St., Montreal)
Just in front of Laurier metro (Laurier exit)
Friday Sept 19th: 2 to 8pm
Sat/Sun Sept 20th-21st: 11am to 6pm

See you there! :)


C’est de nouveau le temps de Puces Pop! YOUPPI!
J’y serai avec tout mon inventaire, en plus de plusieurs nouveautés bijoux!

Église St-Denis (5075, rue Rivard, Montréal)
Juste en face du métro Laurier (sortie Laurier)
Vendredi 19 sept: 14h à 20h
Sam/Dim 20-21 sept: 11h to 18h

On se voit là! :)

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} Nea 20% OFF SALE 8yr Anniversary



It’s that time of the year again! Weeeeee!

Another year of existence for Nea, a 8th one that is. It’s been a journey (and still is), with it’s ups and downs, with some expectations dashed and some wild hopes granted, and that’s accurate as much for the business than the personal side. BUT, I’m still hanging in there! ;)

So, celebrate with me!!
From August 18th to 31st,
get 20% OFF anything and everything in my Etsy Shop!
Simply use the promocode “NEAis8” at checkout! :)

‘Til next time! ;)


C’est CE temps-là de l’année de nouveau, ouiiiiiii!

Une additionnelle année d’existance pour Nea, la 8e. Ce fut (et est toujours) une épopée, avec les hauts et les bas, incluant des attentes démolies et des espoirs irréalistes réalisés, et cela autant pour le côté affaires que le côté personnel. MAIS, je suis encore là! ;)

Alors, célèbrez avec moi!!
Du 18 au 31 août,
tout est à 20% de rabais dans ma boutique Etsy!
Utilisez le code promo “NEAis8” au checkout, et voilà! :)

À bientôt! ;)

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} Puces Pop Automne 2013


Puces Pop Automne 2013 arrive vite!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant de joli à découvrir et admirer!

J’y serai avec les nouveautés 2013 ainsi que les classiques, et puis plein de sourires ;) On se voit là, oui?!

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Jeudi 26 septembre: 16h à 20h
Vendredi 27 septembre: 12h à 20h
Samedi 28 et dimanche 29 septembre: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is coming up quick!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with the new items of 2013 as well as the classics, and of course lots of smiles! ;) I’ll see you there, right?!

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Thursday september 26th: 4 to 8pm
Friday september 27th: 12 to 8pm
Saturday september 28th and Sunday 29th: 11am to 6pm


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} Mural Festival Photo Day


Recently (ok, OKAY, many weeks ago already…), I learned about the Mural Festival here in Montreal, and thought right away about my friend Pierre and how we’d been saying we should do a photo day together since we first met many months earlier. Perfect opportunity right?!

Now, this is also a tad intimidating for me, since Pierre’s actually a freelance photographer. As in full-time job. I mean, the dude lives for and from his camera, he’s super talented, and here I am wanting to “mesure up”? Huhhhh, I don’t think so. lol!

Sooo, I put that scary thought way far in my mind, and went in with my usual approach for photodays, which I would qualify more as fascination. It really does fascinate me that two people can go at the same spot, at the exact same time, and come up with such different results. The eye doesn’t see the same from a person to the next, nor does the connections in each brain follow the same route. (And nor does our photography and life experiences, nor gear, match. lol) Our end results clearly shows all of that!

That goes to prove one of my favorite mottos: everyone is different, and also same. Sure, generalization can be useful to explain a point or theory, but fact of the matter is, we are unicity.

Anyway! Back to the main subject… Mural Festival. It was a street art event that was held on St-Laurent street in June, so I’m kinda later for this post. But then again, two positives: 1- those big murals are still there yo. ;) and 2- Pierre was quick publishing his shots on his blog, so it balances out my tardiness… Doesn’t it…? Maybe…? No…? Ah… Alrighty then. lol!

Here we go for mine! (Feel free to click to see bigger versions.)


Oops, wasn’t I there for Mural? … As you can see, I must admit I felt myself kinda fighting against my natural photography instincts. I tend to go macro, nature or architecture when I’m out with my camera. SO, I sometimes had to “force myself” to explore that for what I was there. There is hope, cause I was able to do a little of it…

The talent of some people, I tell ya! Wowsa!


Aaaaaand back to regular macro/nature/architecture programming… lol! (And, do note the lack of one single portrait, compared to tons of them captured thru Pierre’s eyes! I really DO like humans, I swear. lol)


Well there it is! :)

To end, two last pictures, showing HOW MUCH my camera needs a well deserved cleaning after over 7yrs of service. See all those dots?! Yeah. In a busy image, they don’t show, but in skies, it’s a pain. Used to be only 2-3, so it was easy to clean up in Photoshop, but now they are allll overrrr and it’s driving me nutsssss! I just need to GO DO IT…



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} Item of the Week Promo


A new month, so, the “Item of the Week” promo is back! :)

For July, an airy piece that has an organic feel to it: nature inspired with a pop of color! Featuring the lovely chartreuse green color that I adore so much (it is, after all, my office wall color!) and tiny little leaves, and if you love asymmetry, you will be served!

So, the Leona Necklace, in either silver or gold tone, is now $28,
that’s more than 20% off the original price, from July 8 to 14!

Go get it! Simply go to my Etsy Shop! :)


Un nouveau mois, alors la promo “Item de la semaine” est de retour! :)

Pour juillet, une pièce légère qui projette un look organique: inspirée par la nature avec une touche de couleur éclatante! Mettant en vedette ce vert chartreuse que j’adore tant (après tout, c’est la couleur de mur de mon bureau!) et des petites feuilles délicates, si vous aimez l’assymétrie, alors vous serez servis!

Donc, le collier Leona, en teinte argentée ou dorée, est maintenant 28$,
donc plus de 20% de rabais sur le prix d’origine, du 8 au 14 juillet!

Visiter ma boutique Etsy et il sera à vous! :)

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} New Consignment Shops


Hey everyone! :)
I have had 4 new great consignment shops holding my jewelry in the recent weeks, so I thought I’d inform y’all, in case you live/visit nearby — go check it out! :)

Bonjour vous autres! :)
J’ai maintenant 4 nouvelles boutiques qui tiennent mes bijoux dans les dernières semaines, alors je voulais vous en informer, au cas où vous vivez/visitez dans le coin! Allez faire un tour! :)


1520, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal

625, rue Shefford, Bromont

166, rue St-Amable, Vieux-Montréal
*De juin à septembre, boutique extérieure (fermé les jours de pluie)*
*From June to September, exterior store (closed on rainy days)*

JV Studios
103 Fourth Ave (2nd Floor), Ottawa

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} Item of the Week Promo


The “Item of the Week” promo for a 3rd time! Kinda loving this now ;)

For June, I chose a piece that is simple, but elegant and edgy at the same time. Featuring matte black metal feathers and sparkly silver plated chain, they tinkle lightly in your ears as you go about your day. Always loved that fact about them!

And so, the Raven Earrings are now $24,
that’s 20% off the original price during this week!

Now is the time! Go to my Etsy Shop and get your pair! :)


La promo “Item de la semaine” est de retour pour la troisième fois!  Je commence à aimer ça! ;)

Pour juin, j’ai choisi des boucles d’oreilles simples, mais élégantes et modernes à la fois. Mettant en vedette des plumes de métal noires mattes et des chaînes scintillantes plaquées argent, elles carillonnent doucement vos oreilles pendant que vous vaquez à vos activités. J’ai toujours aimée ce détail d’elles!

Donc, les boucles Raven sont maintenant 24$,
ce qui donne 20% de rabais sur le prix original durant cette semaine!

C’est maintenant le temps de visiter ma boutique Etsy et d’acquérir les vôtres! :)

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