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Puces Pop & Stylist’s Own

Hey everyone! This is a little French post on events in the city this weekend :)


Vous ne savez que faire ce weekend? J’ai deux évènements à ne pas manquer pour vous!

Premièrement, visitez Puces Pop dans le cadre du festival Pop Montréal, cette foire artisanale qui prend de plus en plus en popularité plus les années passent! Vous y trouverez une centaine d’exposants proposant leur produits faits main, des bijoux aux affiches en passant par déco et savons!

Vous y trouverez aussi… Eh bien moi! Ainsi que toute ma collection Nea de bijoux et de broderies!

Venez vous gâter un peu ou commencez vos achats des Fêtes à l’avance, pour une fois! :)

De 11h à 19h les 3 et 4 octobre, au 105 rue St-Viateur Ouest.

Ensuite, dirigez vous à la 2e édition de Stylist’s Own! Là aussi, vous y trouverez une foule de produits québécois, le tout focussé sur des pièces uniques ou à petits tirages. Vêtements, accessoires, bijoux, déco, tout y sera pour de merveilleuses découvertes!

2 octobre de 10h à 21h, 3 octobre de 10h à 18h, 4 octobre de 12h à 18h, au 400 rue McGill.

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Wonder for Wonder

Stevie Wonder Original Painting, by lorrainesart.

Stevie rocks! And I will (hopefully) get the chance to see him in concert tonight at the Montreal Jazz Fest!

Hopefully?! Yes, well because:
1- it’s a free concert on opening night of the Fest and well, the guy’s a legend and hopefully I won’t be TOO far in the crowd and not SEE him! lol
2- because the Fest’s policy is that the concerts stop if there is rain (and they are planning some thunder and showers) and then resume once the it stops, if it stops.

The odds are bad, I know! lol! But let’s wish for the best and I’ll be there with some friends, hopeful, right? :) Please wish Montrealers luck!!


Well, it was AWESOME!! The floooood of people was insane lol! There was some rain before the show, but only a few weak drops during! YAY! :D

Isn’t She Lovely print, by breedingfancy.


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I’m Alive

FeaturedSeller - May 4th to 6th 2009

Hey everyone!!

You must wonder where’s I’ve been right? Had been posting around 5 new posts a weeks for a while, and suddenly, everything stops!

Well, I had to prepare for last week’s big event, I was Featured Seller on Etsy for a full 48 hours, from Monday to Wednesday! It was AWESOME!! More than 75 items were sold in that time frame, and all of them were shipped by Thursday! Whew! What a ride!! :) Make sure to read my interview, right HERE! :)

Plus, next Saturday and Sunday, here in Montreal, is the Puces Pop Printemps craft fair, where I will be selling my jewels and stitching! Anyone in the area is more than welcomed to come say hello, and check out the stuff “for realz”!! :)

May 16-17, 11am to 6pm
At Ukrainian Federation, 5213 Hutchison
List of vendors

With that said, I’ll be back to a more regular shedule of more blogging and more awesome handmade finds real soon! Chill around! :)

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Topo & Shop Live on Etsy

Hey everyone!! :) Hope you had a fab weekend!

I launched last week a new collection of jewelry called Topo. As you can see, it now consists of 2 pairs of earrings and one necklace, but the collection will grow really soon into more versions and more colors! Hope you like them :)

While at it, join the Virtual Labs on Etsy Thursday night, April 9th at 7pm Eastern, for a Shop Live session with Marichelle of Heart Handmade, where 3 units of one of my Wall Wear pieces will be 15% off that evening with the promocode given during the session!

And that’s not to be missed because I’ve never done more that 10% on them and it’s not about to happen again soon! lol

I’ll be there as well to hopefully shop for myself, since so many other fabulous sellers (30) will take part in the special event (up to 25% off on selected items), including folks like Enhabiten, Moop, Bailey Doesn’t Bark, La Pomme and Elizabeth Rosas.

Join us!! :)

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Concret(e) & Stylist’s Own

{ Another French post! I was due for a couple ;) }

Deux petites suggestions activités weekend! :)

Premièrement, mon ami Olivier Blouin présente son exposition photographique Concret(e) chez Atelier Punkt.

Vous avez deviné, déclinaison sur le béton, en architecture et paysages, du Québec à l’Afrique! J’ai vu quelques clichés, et ça vaut vraiment le détour!!

Jusqu’au 8 avril 2009.

Par la suite, visitez Stylist’s Own, qui fait référence à ces scéances photos de mode où certains articles sont décrits comme appartenant au styliste (et donc qu’on ne peut se procurer). On y propose des créateurs d’ici et d’ailleurs de divers domaines qui présentent des pièces uniques jamais vues par le public, le tout suggéré par Amazit (qui s’occupe aussi du Souk@Sat!).

Avec des noms comme Brollte, Denis Gagnon, Furni, Renata Morales et Harakiri, la première édition promet d’être un succès!

Du 3 au 5 avril 2009.

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Local B

{ A little post in French! It’s been a while! }

PRIMEUR! (hihi, vraiment!)

Véronique Beaupré dévoilera prochainement (avril) son tout nouveau “bar à coupe” sur le Plateau, Local B! B pour beauté, barbe, bar, bijou, boucle, brune, blonde… et pour Beaupré, évidemment!

J’ai d’ailleurs rencontré Véronique en 2008 à la Semaine de la mode de Montréal, et sincèrement, quelle femme déterminée et vraiment sympatique! Ça promet!

Tout le meilleur, Véronique!

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The lovely Janine from Uppercase Gallery asked me to be part of the new exhibition called s-t-i-t-c-h featuring 10 artists (all ladies, I must add) from all over Canada on the theme of, well, you’ve guessed it, needlework (sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting). Of course, I had to say yes!!

For the occasion, I decided to whip up 2 new embroidery pieces (you can have a glimpse below)! I should make some for the shop soon, they got quite a warm welcome on My Flickr when I uploaded them last week!

So if you’re lucky and live in the Calgary, Alberta, area (#204, 100 – 7th Ave SW), hop on over there on the evening of March 5!

More S-t-i-t-c-h

S-t-i-t-c-h Exhibition


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He Had a Dream

It’s just a wonderful day.



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Souk & HotCakes & see you next week!

Tiny Bunny

Tiny Flora Tiny Leaf

Souk@Sat Exclusives

This weekend is an event I’ve been hoping to join for years here in Montreal, Souk@Sat, and working on non-stop (except for having a cold since last week and trying to rest a little to get back on track) for 3 weeks now, 14 hours a day. SO thrilled to be part of the selected artists this year, words cannot explain!

As soon as I knew I was selected for my Wall Wear, I ordered some wonderful vintage metal ornate frames (made in Italy) just for this event! I wanted some exclusive items for the occasion, plus my normal framed pieces in hoops, and as you can see from a few of them shown above, it’s looking gooood!!!

All the pieces that don’t sell will go in my Shop in the following weeks! As much as I want them available to everybody, I’m hoping everything will sell! lol! Either way, I’m thinking I might have some embroidered pieces framed like this in in the Shop in 2009. They look hot, right?



There is also another event this weekend in Montreal, another craft fair you would want to visit right after mine, lol, it’s called HotCakes! I was supposed to go, but since they are both at the same time, I had to choose only one! Many of my creative friends will be there selling their work, like Noemiah and Sara Lagacé, so hop on over there too!

Hot Cakes
December 12th, 13th and 14th, from noon to 7.
In the basement of the Saint-Enfant-Jésus Church, 5035 St.Dominique Street (between Laurier and St.Joseph)


While you are at it, make it an all handmade day and visit the Salon des Métiers d’arts, the most known and mainstream crafty event of the year!


As for me, well I’ll be deep into final sprint of preparation for the event, so I’ll be back blogging in a week! Have a nice one! :)


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Souk@Sat !!!!!


I’m accepted at the Souk@Sat event happening in 3 weeks that I was talking to y’all about earlier! OMG!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Here’s a few (below) of the FABULOUS other people I’ll get to see again or meet for the first time and who’s work rock my world! :) HOT right? ;)

Valérie Dumaine

Ceramik B

C’est pas moi, c’est ma soeur


Fuchsia, épicerie fleur


Éditions La Pastèque

Salendro Design

Travis Taddeo

Tyson Bodnarchuk


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Souk@Sat & Decor8

What a week! I’ve been busing gathering up some stuff and preparing documents for my Wall Wear submission to the Souk@Sat craft show here in Montreal! I finally finished everything last night and will be emailing everything today! Wish me luck! (It’s quite hard to get accepted there!!)


On another note, I want to thank Holly from Decor8 for adding my blog to her wonderful blogroll! The blog has been pouring with new visitors for 2 days now and I want to welcome everyone over too!!

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the place!! :)


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Puces Pop

{ English Follows }

Eh oui! C’est le temps des PucesPop d’automne! Un évènement où des artisants d’ici et d’ailleurs (mais surtout d’ici!), présentent leur travail fait main. C’est une chance de rencontrer les acheteurs en personne, puisque la plupart d’entre nous vendent dans des boutiques qui ne sont pas les leurs ou en ligne!

Et j’y serai pour ma deuxième fois, avec bijoux et art en point-de-croix et finalement, pratiquement tout le contenu de ma boutique! Venez me voir!! :)

4-5 Octobre 2008, de 11h à 19h
Église Saint-Michel (105, rue Saint-Viateur O.), Montréal, Qc.

Pour plus d’infos et la liste des artisans, visitez cette page!

On s’y voit! :D

Yep! It’s that time of the year again where PucesPop is happening! It’s a wonderful craft fair where creative peeps can show off their handmade work. It is also one of the rare times where artists can actually meet buyers face to face, since most of us sell in other people’s bricks & mortar stores or online.

And I’ll be there for my second time, with lots of jewelry and Wall Wear and basically almost all my shop! Come see me! :)

4-5 October 2008, from 11am to 7pm
St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur St. W.), Montreal, Qc.

For more info and a list of the artists, visit this page!

See you there!! :D

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Nea’s 2yr Anniversary SALE!

Sale is OVER! Thank you so much to everyone who celebrated with me! :)

2yr Anniversary Flyer

YAY! It’s been 2 years since I started selling on Etsy under the name Nea!

For the occasion, I’m having my FIRST EVER SALE!
Everything is either 10% or 15% off!

Plus, item prices already have been marked down! No promos codes, no revised invoices, just pop in and shop!! :P

See you at my Neawear Shop to celebrate! :D


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Un weekend fait main!

Je serai tout le weekend au Fringe Bazaar, accompagnée d’une 50aine d’autres créateurs à la main (des bijoux à la sérigraphie en passant par le potterie)! Venez me visiter pour y trouver mes bijoux ainsi que découvrir ma nouvelle collection de pièces décoratives murales! Visitez ma boutique Nea pour en voir plus!

Fringe Bazaar
21 et 22 juin, 11h à 18h
Église St-Enfant-Jésus (sous-sol)
5039 St-Dominique (coin St-Joseph), Montréal.
Metro Laurier
Liste d’exposants

Cela dit, d’autres évènements du genre ont lieu en même temps ce weekend, tous dans le même secteur! Faites d’une pierre trois coups et visitez les tous! Le fait main est totalement dans le vent! hihi :)

Indyish @ Fringe, Art Markets
21 et 22 juin
À l’extérieur, coin St-Laurent et Rachel

Hot Cakes Craft Show
20 et 21 juin, 12h à 19h
Au Théâtre 314
10 avenue des Pins O. (coin St-Laurent)
Porte 314 (3e étage)

Sans oublier le Main Madness, où toutes les boutiques boulevard St-Laurent sortiront sur le trottoir!

Bon weekend!! :)


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Creacamp 3 mai


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