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} Lightexture

Lightexture (what a cool name!) is a collaboration between 3 creatives: an architect, a lighting designer and a ceramic artist.

It makes for beautifully textures light fixtures (in clay or in metals), all with particular attention to how the light travels once lit, to create unique ambiances and patterns on the wall. Just lovely!

Also check out this Handmade Portrait video to know more about them! :)


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} Video Finds: Weird is Beautiful

I totally love the movie Punch Drunk Love. First, well, Adam‘s in it. And second, it’s kinda awkward, and weird.

And in that spirit, I’ve found a couple of videos creations that feel just the same way. Sometimes confusing, sometimes just plain uncomfortable, for different reasons and in different ways.

Enjoy! (Or something like that… lol)

Title: Scary Beautiful (Leanie van der Vyver). Video by: Lyall Coburn.

Title: Steve Lambert’s 404 Page. Video by: Steve Lambert.

Title: Locomotive Video by: Departement.

Title: Scream Portraits. Video by: Billy Hunt.

Title: Murmur. Video by: Lyall Coburn.

Title: LOVE THIS. Video by: Alan Aviña.

Title: Carrot vs Ninja. Video by: Cedric Nicolas-Troyan.

Title: GERIST: Reykjavik Towel. Video by: Kitty Von-Sometime.

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} Video Finds: Handmade Edition 1

I don’t watch many videos. Even on Youtube, I’ll just put a song on and do something else while it plays instead of looking at the moving images.

But sometimes this weekend I don’t know why, but I decided to go explore a little bit on Vimeo. Turns out I found a couple of precious animated jems! And so I decided to show y’all, around the handmade theme, cause well, handmade is awesome. ‘Nuff said.

Here we go! :)

Subject: Kid Icarus. Video by: StillMotion. 2min38sec.

Subject: Esquivel. Video by: David Hubert. 1min43sec.

Subject: Trip Print Press. Video by: Brought To You By…. 2min25sec.

Subject: Rafael, suit designer. Video by: Bram Janssen. 3min00sec.

Subject: Sue Paraskeva. Video by: Jamie Isbell. 8min15sec.

Subject: Tim Hendricks. Video by: Think First Media. 1min55sec.

Subject: DL Skateboards. Video by: Cool Hunting. 5min01sec.

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} Manos

Someone shared this video on Twitter (the beauty is created by Oscar Liedgren), and I fell in love with Karin Eriksson’s (Manos Pottery Studio) work all over again!

You’ve probably seen her work around the web in the past several years, if you’re even remotely interested in anything clay. But it’s even more awesome paired with these images of her working her art!

Inspiring! :)

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} Handmade Leica

Once in a while, an object made to be used can also, in itself, look just like art. It’s certainly the case for Leica’s M9-P “Édition Hermès”, a collaboration between the company and Jean-Louis Dumas, the former late president of Hermès. Not only is it just gorgeous, it’s also a lesson in craftsmanship!

Also, this video is just stunningly perfect. While showing how this special limited edition camera is made, it’s a gem in itself. Handmade insights, precise sounds, material textures, lighting…! This video gives me the chills!

Enjoy :)

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} A Video on Nea

Two weeks ago, I did a post on some videos (which happens rarely!), and at the end I mentioned that my friend Christine Chevarie was working on a small video on Nea!

Well, it’s ready now!!! YAY!!!

What do you think? :D

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} Tiger In A Jar

My friend Paule suggested that I look at this beet cake video recipe by Tiger In A Jar that she found on Bess’ blog yesterday. What a beauty!!

Turns out Matt and Julie made plenty of other great little motion pieces (some including stop motion) for everyone to look at on their Vimeo! Various subjects are treated, all visual gems, if you ask me! :)

Go snoop around their blog (you’ll also find awesome photography there!), you wont regret it!!

Via } The English Muffin


Since I’m on the subject of videos (a subject I don’t visit often, huh?), my friend Christine Chevarie is working on a little video on my work right about now!

She came to film last Friday (above, featuring my oh-so-chill cat, Kobe), and I CAN’T WAIT to see the results! Her boyfriend and herself even created a little tune, sort of in the Angus and Julia Stone style, for it! Just so awesome! I’ll let you know here of course when it’s ready!

Meanwhile, check out this little video (it’s in French, but worth it even if you don’t understand!) she made on canning tomatoes (below). Half of these people are my friends, and the little guy, Hubert, is the child of my oldest friend Emilie, and he apparently loves me. He offers me his firefighter trucks (his favorites) every time I see him. If that isn’t love, I dunno what is. Yep. hehe :)


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} Chalkboard Awesome

The way I see it, Dana Tanamachi is a mix between a graphic designer and a typographer, but she is also an artist. Chalk is her weapon of choice, and patience is her asset.

Chalkboard and window display artists used to rule the retail world, and it’s clearly a lost art that Dana excels in! It’s also really great to see her work the process! Also check out some videos, here on Vimeo!

Via } Design*Sponge

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TED Ideas Worth Spreading

I was loging into my blog dashboard this morning, wondering what to write about this morning, when I saw a WordPress Blog Post on TED.

TED is a website containing videos of conferences from many speakers on a ton of subjects. Of course, I typed in “creativity” in the search tool immediately.

And I found 2 very awesome ones I thought you should really see!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Elizabeth Gilbert: A different way to think about creative genius.

WOAH this woman is a fabulous speaker! She has humour and it makes it all fun and light, but still puts interesting ideas and visions forward.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Also check out Amy Tan on Where does creativity hide?


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“Make my logo bigger” Cream & Stuff

“Make My Logo Bigger Cream” Video


If you are a graphic or Web designer, see it. You’ll laugh your head off!
If you are a client, see it twice! lol! :)


Si vous êtes un designer graphique ou Web, visionnez-le. Vous allez vous bidonner!
Si vous êtes un client, visionnez-le deux fois! haha! :)

Via } Design Crush


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Video Jewel

A wonderful video from Amnesty International. A powerful message delivered by a must see graphic jewel.

Un superbe video d’Amnesty International. Un message puissant présenté de façon graphiquement sublime!


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Goose Bumps


Naturally7 in the Paris Metro.


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Good morning! Let’s wake-up with this video!

Good morning everyone!
Let’s wake-up with this video!

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