} New Consignment Shops


Hey everyone! :)
I have had 4 new great consignment shops holding my jewelry in the recent weeks, so I thought I’d inform y’all, in case you live/visit nearby — go check it out! :)

Bonjour vous autres! :)
J’ai maintenant 4 nouvelles boutiques qui tiennent mes bijoux dans les dernières semaines, alors je voulais vous en informer, au cas où vous vivez/visitez dans le coin! Allez faire un tour! :)


1520, rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Montréal

625, rue Shefford, Bromont

166, rue St-Amable, Vieux-Montréal
*De juin à septembre, boutique extérieure (fermé les jours de pluie)*
*From June to September, exterior store (closed on rainy days)*

JV Studios
103 Fourth Ave (2nd Floor), Ottawa

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} Think & Ink

Sometimes, all you need is a shape. Or 2 dozens of the same shape in a single item.

Think & Ink Studio back in Richmond (BC, Canada) does just that, creating mostly paper items filled with cool geometric designs and smart color combos. Prints, notepads, cards… THAT MOUSEPAD. Wow, I want it. :D


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} Item of the Week Promo


The “Item of the Week” promo for a 3rd time! Kinda loving this now ;)

For June, I chose a piece that is simple, but elegant and edgy at the same time. Featuring matte black metal feathers and sparkly silver plated chain, they tinkle lightly in your ears as you go about your day. Always loved that fact about them!

And so, the Raven Earrings are now $24,
that’s 20% off the original price during this week!

Now is the time! Go to my Etsy Shop and get your pair! :)


La promo “Item de la semaine” est de retour pour la troisième fois!  Je commence à aimer ça! ;)

Pour juin, j’ai choisi des boucles d’oreilles simples, mais élégantes et modernes à la fois. Mettant en vedette des plumes de métal noires mattes et des chaînes scintillantes plaquées argent, elles carillonnent doucement vos oreilles pendant que vous vaquez à vos activités. J’ai toujours aimée ce détail d’elles!

Donc, les boucles Raven sont maintenant 24$,
ce qui donne 20% de rabais sur le prix original durant cette semaine!

C’est maintenant le temps de visiter ma boutique Etsy et d’acquérir les vôtres! :)

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} Puces Pop Printemps 2013


Puces Pop Printemps 2013, c’est cette fin de semaine!

Puces Pop, c’est des dizaines d’artisans dans les domaines de la bouffe, joaillerie, art, déco, mode, objets utilitaires… Tant à découvrir!

J’y serai, accompagnée de mes items classiques, des nouveautés 2013, ainsi qu’avec quelques extras nouveaux morceaux jamais même dévoilés encore (incluant, imaginez-vous donc, un bracelet… on n’arrête pas le progrès! hihi).

J’espère vous y voir après votre bagel du matin! :)

Église St-Michel (105, rue St-Viateur Ouest, Montréal)
Vendredi 31 mai: 18h à 21h
1er et 2 juin: 11h à 18h


Puces Pop Spring 2013 is this weekend!

Puces Pop is about dozens of artisans of fields ranging from food, jewelry, art, decor, fashion, object… So much to discover!

I will be there with my classics, my new items of 2013, as well as with a couple of never even revealed extra pieces (including a bracelet – can you even believe it? lol).

I hope to see you there after your morning bagel! :)

St-Michel Church (105 St-Viateur Street West, Montreal)
Friday May 31st: 6pm to 9pm
June 1st and 2nd: 11am to 6pm


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} Shade on Shape

Oh, the power of a pop of color in a monochrome room! Sure, the tone on tone or black&white color ideas have their power and benefits, BUT I’m a fan for color (my living room IS turquoise, after all.), and mostly great color combos. Call it an ex-graphic designer default setting, perhaps…

Shade on Shape‘s emphasis is all about simple yet powerful (thru color) home objects. Vibrant pops! :)

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} Gal Stern

Hand printed tights, still in style months after the trend picked up! These, from Gal Stern, tend to go towards basic neutrals and blacks, with a touch of gold or silver. An understated POW!

To wear for special occasions, since this is a purchase you won’t want to scratch on just any given day.

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} Item of the Week Promo


The “Item of the Week” promo is back for y’all! :)

This time around, I chose a super versatile pair of earrings, since it has three colors of chain (golden, silver and gunmetal) that will match any outfit. It’s also simple and chic for everyday wear, but the fact that it goes from the front to the back of your ears makes them extra special also!

And so, the Shana Earrings are now $20,
that’s 20% off the original price during this week!

Now is the time! Go to my Etsy Shop and get yours! :)


La promo “Item de la semaine” est de retour! :)

Cette fois-ci, j’ai choisi des boucles d’oreilles hyper versatiles, puisqu’elles ont trois couleurs de chaînes (dorée, argentée, gunmétal) qui s’agenceront parfaitement à n’importe quel choix vestimentaire. Elles sont simples et chics à porter dans la vie de tous les jours, mais le fait qu’elles vont de l’avant à l’arrière de vos oreilles leurs donnent un petit quelque chose de spécial aussi!

Donc, les boucles Shana sont maintenant 20$,
ce qui donne 20% de rabais sur le prix original durant cette semaine!

C’est donc le bon temps d’aller à ma boutique Etsy et de posséder les vôtres! :)

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} Olive Thomas

I was starting to wonder why so many handmade shoes came from Israel. Turns out, there is a shoe making and designing school there! How awesome!

Which brings me to Olive Thomas, a young lady from there. Printed shoes. HECK YEAH!! I also adore her classic shapes with a unique twist, and great color/leather combo choices, all available between sizes 5 to 10.5.

Gotta love it, right!? :)

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} Atem

Obviously, Atem bags are just gorgeous and seem really sturdy for everyday use.

But what struck me the most is their photography (by Patrick Desbrosses). How unusual! A little quirkiness paired with bright lighting and simple displays, it’s sure to intrigue and catch anyone’s attention!

Ha, this is truly photography that complements perfectly the brand! Fits seamlessly with Atem‘s products. And I’m kinda jealous, too. lol

Via } Miss Moss

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} Atelier D

I truly adore Atelier D! (Even blogged about it before) It all has a sense of aesthetics that is SUCH my style! Plus, it’s from Montreal (hello, home!).

Jonathan’s material of choice is plywood but also acrylic, and he turns them into anything from clocks to pencil boxes to coasters. Inspired by the minimalist Swiss architecture movement, there is very much of a geometric aspect in his work, which I totally love as you probably can imagine.

Go check it out! :)


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} Weckery

I got gripped by Weckery‘s simplicity today!

Focus is not on colors really, more in little details in textures and shades and pure shapes. How about that pitcher, huh? So stunning!

Plus, high contrast pictures are also always my favorite. ;)

Also, I am taking a porcelain throwing class at Atelier Make right now, and love it so. I took pottery classes in the past, using a different kind of clay, the more terracotta color one, which I found easier. Porcelain has been my favorite for a while tho, so I’m extra-stoked!

Obviously, my class pieces (below) are not yet cooked nor glazed, but still, I think they look quite nice! To be followed… ;)


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} Item of the Week Promo


Hey ladies!

I decided to try something new this week, it being a little promo (which as you may know, I rarely do).

It’s an “Item of the Week” kind of concept, in which I choose a specific item and price it down for for you lovely buyers. :)

For this first time around, I chose a popular one in the jewelry department, the Yadira Necklace, which is available in either gold or silver tone, featuring a matte finish leaf and a cute little black bird.

I knocked $8 from the original price, making it a little more than 20% off for a week!

What are you waiting for?! Go to my Etsy Shop now! :)


Bonjour chères!

J’ai décidé d’essayer quelque chose de nouveau cette semaine, il s’agit d’une petite promotion (comme vous le savez peut-être, ça n’arrive pas souvent).

Un concept du genre “item de la semaine”, dans lequel je choisi un item précis et ajuste le prix à la baisse pour vous fabuleuses acheteuses! :)

Pour cette première fois, j’ai choisi un modèle populaire dans le domaine du bijoux, le collier Yadira, disponible en teinte dorée ou argentée, et qui met en valeur une feuille au fini mat, ainsi qu’un mignon petit oiseau noir.

J’ai tranché 8$ du prix original, ce qui le rend à un peu plus de 20% de rabais pour une semaine entière!

Qu’est ce que vous attendez?! Rendez-vous dans ma boutique Etsy! :)

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} Emerald Snow

While in CEGEP (it’s a bit like college over here) studying graphic design, there were a few art related classes too. I remember an illustration class where we had to do a linocut piece, based on (if I remember correctly) Moby Dick.

First, drawing and illustration was never my strong suit – I still declare that one can be a graphic designer without drawing well, since I am living proof! And second, besides pastels, linocut is not something that speaks to me at all, mainly because of it’s permanent technique (where’s the eraser!?!?). I personally just couldn’t end up expressing much with the process of linocut, it seemed, and it wasn’t for me.

However, some totally excel at it, such as Emerald Snow. And I admire that.

She offers only originals, and have made the skill her own with geometric shapes and detailed texture paired with superimpositions. I also love the color choices!! :)

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} Skillshare & Craftsy

Teaching your skills takes 1- courage and 2- skill.

Especially if, exactly that, what you teach is a precise skill, then you need skill at your trade, plus skill at teaching. Whoo!

As far as courage goes, I mean, teaching a craft that makes you earn a living, that is tons of courageous. Copycats are always lurking, and giving them the tools to do so even more easily needs guts. But then again, that is my insecure self speaking. Cause I totally ADMIRE those who do. What strength and confidence! Just beautiful.

I don’t miss actual school, but I like taking a class once in a while! I’m doing my 3rd pottery throwing class right now (porcelain this time too, my fave, yay!) and I love it SO MUCH. It is good for my overall creativity flow, as well as my general mood. lol :P

With that said, I recently found out about two website communities promoting exactly that: online classes from skilled people at affordable prices! NICE.


Skillshare offers classes such as how to photoshoot in the darkness (so CANNOT do this), or go crazy by drawing illustrative words (I’m REALLY tempted by this one…), or how learn to apply eye makeup (perhaps I shall learn eventually), or even design thyself (now that’s a project!).

There are other subjects too, such as a gardening class too for example, but it must be done right now because I can’t find it anymore! You can watchlist your faves on there, so this doesn’t happen. ;)


Craftsy is, well, mostly on crafts. You can try a couple of free mini-classes first, and then, go crazy with affordable ones! Such as making your own cheese (ohhh myyy gahddd), learn to garden in containers (one of my fave hobbies), dabble in metalsmithing (wow!), or decorate a fancy ombré cake (whut!).

There are also a couple of shorter, quicker little workshops available, if more intensive (but better rounded around a total skill) classes are not your thing, as well as some affordable patterns.

Alright, let’s learn new stuff now. :P

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} Love & Olive Oil

Meyer Lemon Macadamia Nut Tart

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Pan-Fried Goat Cheese and Pomegranate

Butternut Squash Risotto with Pine Nuts, Balsamic Drizzle, and Fried Sage

Arugula Pistachio Pesto 

Love & Olive Oil is the blog of Lindsay and Taylor, a regular couple crazy in love with cooking.  They offer their readers recipe ideas and gorgeous eye feasts – stunning pictures.

To add to that, they have 2 small businesses to run, just launched a book called Breakfast for Dinner, and started challenging themselves in the cooking department as well (it’s always easy to stay in one’s comfort zone, ain’t it?). Busy couple!

SO MUCH to browse, go crazy! :P

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