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} Preston & Olivia

I really don’t have a hat head. Oh my, so don’t.

But for those who do (lucky you!) make sure to check out Preston & Olivia. From colorful hats to attention grabbing fascinators and simpler headbands, everything to ornate your head can be found there.

Also, lots of bridal look pieces, from the smallest to the tallest!

Totally worth a browse, ladies! :)

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} Overdo

I’m one of the big bags fans, to enable my carrying of a ton of stuff, from book to sunglasses to umbrella to camera to big wallet to… Well, stuff.

But these mini little purses by Overdo are making me revisit that status. They are just too-cute-to-be-true.

GIANT SEQUINS. Nothing more to say. :)

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} Carton Bois

Over in Italy, Carton Bois created great delicate pieces of jewelry inspired my geometry, color gradients and wood. I say wood, but it is mostly Finnboard, a recycled material made from 100% pressed ground wood pulp.

A very fashionable way to wear your eco-friendly sleeve! :)

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} Noru

Noru bags seem pretty practical (as in pretty, and pretty practical). They remind me of paper lunch bags you fold up on top, but in a very stylish version, obviously. Perfect for a bike ride, yeah?! :)

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} Miniboux

Over in France, a little company named Les Miniboux is making us indulge in the cute side of life. Symbols and shapes are treated as rock stars and displayed on a ton of different useful objects (pillows, moleskines, bags, brooches, prints).

Sweeten up your Monday and check it out! :)

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} Sketch Inc

For Sketch Inc, animals are neon colored, and live in geometric worlds. Ends up being colorful, eye catching and great brooches, prints and interactive art blocks! Love it all!

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} The Royal

Braiding and macramé makes a comeback! Oh, how many hours I’ve spent as a 90s teen making complex designs on friendship bracelets! Those were the days… ;)

The Royal takes this idea to the new century with super-sized braiding fashion and accessories, as well as braid inspired block prints on garments. A great idea!!


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